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Our customer

Trustline is a leading financial services and investment solutions provider. They are well recognized for their customised investment solutions for corporates, institutions and retail investors. With over 400 offices across India, Trustline have established a strong presence and customer base in the financial services sector.

Their challenges

Real-time and contextual customer interactions play a vital role in the financial sector. Despite applying innumerable measures, Trustline were unable to streamline their overall customer communication. Reason, a traditional landline phone system, owing to which they were:

  • bound to answer just one call at a time.
  • clueless about calls they missed from customers.
  • unable to follow up on those missed calls in time.

Consequently, Trustline were losing a substantial volume of calls and hence, business.

call management system Trustline challenges
call management system Trustline success

Their success

In an effort to cater one complete solution for all the stated challenges, Trustline got themselves a virtual number accompanied by add-on essentials like IVR, and access to analyzed call reports for timely follow-ups.

With the deployment of MyOperator, Trustline managed to achieve:

  • 60% higher retention by saving missed calls from customers.
  • 51% lesser churns with upgraded customer communication.
  • 41% more deal closures over calls.

Managing inbound calls has become easier with the implementation of Myoperator. This has further led to an increase in inbound customer conversion. It also helps in retaining customers better.

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