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Our customer

Moner Alo is a clinic run by Dr. Rituparna Dasgupta, a renowned psychiatrist in Kolkata. The clinic was unable to manage patient calls and appointments. Moner Alo also was unable track patient’s calls or book appointments after office hours. All this combined with multiple office numbers was making it difficult to manage the clinic.

Their challenges

Healthcare industry is considered as one of the most noble sector. But, with the increase in ease of communication, patients demand more efficient interaction with the doctors. Therefore, it is important to install a management system which can help hospitals and clinics not miss out on the calls from their patients.

Using a call management system Moner Alo wanted to achieve the following goals:

  • Have a single number catering to every call requirement.
  • Keep a track of all the appointments.
  • Stay 24×7 available, even after clinic hours and ensure timely response.
call management system Moner Alo challenges

Their success

MyOperator provided Moner Alo with a Virtual number. This enabled them to manage their calls and reach back to them to confirm and reschedule patient appointments. Also, the extension numbers and voicemail facility helped patients connect with doctors in case of emergency.

Moner Alo enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Ensured customer availability after office hours.
  • Tracked and ensured timely follow up with patient calls.
  • No appointments were missed.

Availability of call recordings, tracing of place from which the call is made is good. Reminders about renewals and console is very good. Overall very good experience.

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