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Why We Love cloud telephony (And You Should, Too!)

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Remember the good old days, when contacting a service provider meant tedious searching through big,fat volumes of yellow pages?

They might have been good, but they are certainly old. With the advent of technology, many systems have been pioneered to make communication easier, particularly in the client servicing sector. ‘Cloud Telephony‘ is one such system. In the following article, we will be examining what this buzz word, of telecom today, does, what differentiates it from traditional services and what differentiates us,  VoiceTree from other telephony providers.

‘Cloud Telephony’ is a technology that aides in the creation of automated telephone applications for phones, which can be hosted online and allows the addition of telephone functionality to apps.The applications of Cloud Telephony are numerous and a boon to businesses looking for professional and user friendly client communication.

One of the primary applications of Cloud Telephony, is a ‘cloud Call Center solution‘ through which one can, through any phone in any part of the world set up a call center, with agents.

An Integrated Voice Response is what greets us, when we dial a toll free number to order a pizza or to lodge a complaint. The ‘Siri’, the voice heard in Apple Iphones, is one of the most famous examples of IVR service, another application of Cloud Telephony.

Store Locator‘ which is a common option listed in websites today, helps customers find stores nearest to them, also runs on Cloud Telephony.

Now that we have an idea about Cloud Telephony and its applications, let us look at why anyone would love this cutting edge technology.

The functionality of Cloud Telephony is versatile.

Accessibility and customisation:  First and foremost, Cloud Telephony, though IVR menus, allows customer to access different departments of an organisation. Such as sales, enquiry, complaints using a single number. A single number is easier to remember and a pre recorded voice can entertain the customer with a soft greeting, being invariably in a good mood, unlike staff. The greeting can also be customised for different types of callers in different languages and in a different way, for clients and customers.

Lucidity: Through the keypad, by pressing number 1,2,3 and so on, the customer can manually select the service they require. This keypad access is also useful when surveys need to conducted through telephones, wherein sensitive questions need not be elaborately answer, but by just choosing a number signifying an option.

Redirection to agents: The Cloud telephony, allows the customer to connect to a live agent in any part of the world, through the virtual call center software. This can be helpful to clarify more detailed enquiries, to reschedule an appointment with customer care executive, to change the date of delivery of an object, such as an oven, according to customer convenience, etc.

Recording and Broadcasting: Unlike a normal telephone, also records calls, which can be reviewed to gauge the efficiency of the call centre agent, to improve services provided,etc. This is especially useful when the customer lodges complaints, or gives personal information such as address. Furthermore, any survey or opinions recorded can be broadcasted on the organisation’s website, so as to cite an example of customer response and customer relationship management.

Tracking facility: Not only does Cloud Telephony allow call recording, it also helps us track the number of calls we have received from a newspaper, advertisement or a campaign, so we can choose the best strategy for marketing.

 Scaling: Whether 10 calls or 10,000, this application permits us to scale up the number during periods of peak activity and scale down, when the calls are low, for example at night or during vacations.

 Storage: Finally, since all this activity is monitored through an online account, it is easy to share among multiple partners of a company (if any) and track their leads. Online storage also creates a copy of the data which can be used in the future.

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All these advantages, and only a small price per month. Now, you tell us why you wouldn’t love Cloud Telephony, and VoiceTree!

Why We Love cloud telephony (And You Should, Too!)

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