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Unveiling top 5 Facebook Marketing Hacks for businesses to generate quality leads

Unveiling top 5 Facebook Marketing Hacks for businesses to generate quality leads
MyOperator / Blog / Unveiling top 5 Facebook Marketing Hacks for businesses to generate quality leads

In order to have great sales, a good amount of qualified leads is a must have. Lead generation is an important aspect of every business and for effective lead generation, we need to find out the right platform to reach out to our target audience.

I work for a B2B SaaS company and we majorly use Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, and Email marketing for our lead generation goals. It has been just ten months since I started working on Facebook advertising, but these ten months have taught me valuable lessons on how to generate quality leads with the allocated budget that converts.

 5 Facebook marketing hacks you need to know:

1 Less budget leads to high-quality leads:

Whatever you choose to optimize for, Facebook helps you achieve that objective by displaying ads to people who are most likely to help you achieve your goal in the lowest possible cost. Facebook spends your daily budget in a way to help you achieve best results for your ads. The ads are shown first to people who are more likely to click on it or engage with it in a positive way. So, I believe that ads are shown in order of decreasing relevance to them.

Curious about how lowering budget can fetch you high quality leads?

If you allocate a huge amount of budget to a particular ad set, there are chances that in order to exhaust your budget, Facebook might end up displaying ads to people who are not very likely to engage with your ad, thus reducing the chances of getting high quality leads and increasing the cost per lead.

2) Understand the characteristics of your customers through Audience Insights and use it in your targeting

Audience Insights is a very useful tool which helps you analyze the characteristics of your audience such as demographics, interests, job title, page likes, purchase behaviour etc.

We used this tool to understand our target audience. Want to know how? Here’s the catch.

We uploaded our existing customer list on Audience Insights to understand their traits. We then, used these insights to target new people. Once you understand your ideal customer, it will help you target the right audience set. The right targeting helped us get a very high proportion of valid leads.

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3) Make your target audience land on the website to reduce the amount of bad-quality leads

For us, the campaigns involving lookalike audiences of our customers gives us a higher proportion of bad quality leads as compared to other campaigns.

Here is what we did to correct this : We stopped using lead generation campaigns for this audience set and started using website conversion campaigns instead. Can you guess what happened as a result of this? We generated high quality leads from the same audience set. Wondering how? I’ll tell you. By making them land on our product page, we made their journey longer. After landing on our product page, people who were genuinely interested in our product, signed up for it. This helped us filter bad quality leads to a large extent. On the other hand, lead forms are easy to fill, as one just has to click on ‘submit’ since all the fields are auto-filled. This attracts a lot of bad quality leads because some people click on your ads and submit the lead forms just to enquire about your product.

4) Target website visitors and people who engaged with your Facebook page

Targeting our website visitors and the people who engaged with our page helped us get high quality leads since most people in this audience set are already aware of our product. They engaged with our page and visited the website only because they were interested in our product. This could be a good targeting strategy for your business as well. Try it out.

5 Use custom questions in lead forms

Using custom questions in our lead forms helped us get huge amount of valid leads. Wondering how?

Since I work for a B2B SaaS company, using custom questions related to businesses help us know if the person who has filled up the lead form has a business or not. Moreover, we also noticed that the quality of the leads improved as only those people who have a business filled up the lead forms.

We fetched some great results from Facebook marketing hacks . So can you!

Share with us which Facebook Marketing hacks worked best for your business in the comment section below.

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