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How To Optimise Your Digital Marketing Budget By Tracking Calls

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You have two options: filling out a contact form on your smartphone or making a quick phone call. What would you prefer?

Phone calls are on the rise as mobile usage continues to grow, and that’s because phone calls are easy and tend to align with mobile consumer’s goals. It’s no wonder that 70% of people have called a business directly from a mobile search ad.

As a businessman, do you wonder which marketing campaigns lead to more inbound calls? With tons of money being spent on online and offline campaigns, it becomes important to track the performance of each of them, in order to reduce wastage of money on campaigns which don’t drive any results.

Businesses don’t have enough time and human resource to grill the callers about the source which led them to call their business. Even the callers do not know whether they clicked on the paid search ad or came through an organic search. The businesses have no idea about which campaigns, ads or keywords are performing better.

For optimising your marketing strategies, you need to clearly understand who your target audience is, what marketing channels work best for your business and what campaigns drive the best results. As a businessman, you would definitely want to invest in those marketing channels which increase the call inflow to your business.

There are various marketing channels such as Google Adwords, email marketing, SMS marketing and various social media channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp business, Twitter etc. For each channel, you can have different strategies, out of which you need to figure out which one drives more calls to your business.

Google Adwords

There are two ways in which you can get in touch with your customers through display ads: via a contact form or through the click to call button. According to a survey, with pay per call leads, advertisers connect with the leads 100% of the times whereas with contact forms only 27% of the leads get contacted. Therefore, click to call is a better strategy to get more conversions.

Each Google Adwords campaign is composed of various ad groups and each ad group consists of a group of ads which have a common theme. So, it becomes very important for you to analyse which campaigns, ad groups or ads are performing better by leading to more inbound calls. Depending on what you want to analyze, you display different trackable numbers on different campaigns, ad groups or ads.


  • If you want to measure which products of your company are driving more calls to your business, then allow different numbers to different campaigns with all the ads in one campaign having the same number.
  • If you want to analyse which product pitch is driving more calls, then allocate different trackable numbers to different ad groups.
  • If your aim is to know which type of content is working better for a particular ad group, then you need to display different business phone numbers on different ads.

By integrating a cloud call center feature call tracking system into each of your marketing campaigns, you can track calls resulting from them. Each call that results from a campaign with a virtual number is tracked and recorded. This further helps you analyse the keywords driving the most number of calls.

Email Marketing

According to a survey, 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation as it gives them the lowest cost per lead.

You must also be using email marketing for lead generation. And in order to measure the performance of your emails, you must be using trackable links to track the open rates and the click rates like other marketers do. But what about the phone calls resulting from those emails?

The recipients find it easier to make a phone call rather than replying to the emails. This is because the emotional gradient in a phone call is much higher as compared to emails.Therefore, a huge percentage of emails trigger phone calls which need to be tracked in order to measure their performance.This can be achieved by displaying a click to call button in the emails.

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Here’s what you need to do:

Display any business phone number that can be tracked using a call-tracking system. When the customer calls, it’ll land on to your business phone number that you’ve displayed tracking the phone number of the caller, the location and also the conversation(if any) that takes place.

This will help you optimise the phone leads coming through your email content, providing you complete details of the caller and his thoughts about that email.

Social Media Channels

The social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok etc., can also be used to reach out to your customers. You can adopt various strategies for social media marketing such as promotional posts, videos, gaining followers to build your account’s authority.

If you want to compare the performance of different social media channels, then displaying different numbers on different channels will solve your purpose. This will help you track the number of calls resulting from each channel.

Even within each channel, you can measure the performance of different advertising strategies by associating different virtual phone number india with each of them.

SMS Campaigns

Promotional messages can be an effective way to reach out to your existing and potential customers. Marketing is not only about getting leads but it also involves reconnecting with those leads for repeat purchases.

Recall: Do you receive those offers from Domino’s on Wednesdays? Do you? That’s great! Well, they are just trying to reach you back to ensure repeat purchase. To enhance this process, they give you a link and a toll-free number (of course!)

What do you do next? You either click to buy or place an order using the phone number. There are organizations similar to Domino’s going out for similar marketing strategies and call tracking for such companies can do wonders.

Domino’s offers both a link and a phone number in its SMSes. While the open rates and the click rates can be tracked through the trackable link, what about those phone leads? Integrating a call center feature call-tracking system with these SMSes helps in tracking the callbacks resulting from those SMSes. This way Domino’s can measure the call performance of its SMS campaigns.

The Benefits Of Call Tracking

Once you have figured out which marketing channels and strategies work the best, you can optimise your marketing strategies and allocate your marketing budget in a much smarter way.

With IVR services and tracked customer calls, you get a recording of those calls which help you gain valuable insights about what your customers want, their pain points and interests. IVR call system enhance this process by allowing you to efficiently route and manage incoming calls. You can analyze the reasons which resulted in an unconverted call. You can then modify your product based on the customers’ needs and also make changes to your product’s pitch. This, in turn, will help you optimize your digital marketing strategies.

Not only can you optimize your marketing campaigns through call tracking, but also the landing pages of your website.You can track which pages of your website drive the maximum number of calls. This will help you make changes to your website design to increase conversions. You can A/B test various landing page formats to decide which one creates more engagement.This can be done by adding trackable click to call buttons on the landing pages of your website.

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Call tracking thus helps in driving stronger campaign results. You analyse the performance of your marketing strategies by tracking all the calls resulting from them and then optimize.

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