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Transform Your Business By Investing In An Office Phone System in UAE

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The advent of globalization has made it super easy for businesses to conduct operations seamlessly across the borders. There are no geographical restrictions, and companies can enter any profitable market in any corner of the world. Everyone is on the lookout for the best commercial locations in the world so that they can expand their business and earn quick money!

One of the most buzzing commercial destinations in the current times is the United Arab Emirates. UAE offers a whole range of opportunities for business investors and is the best market for entrepreneurs and small businesses to enter with a bang.

Dubai has established a strong reputation as a business hub in the Middle East. It is directly connected to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ras al Khaima, thus giving organizations accessibility to large and interconnected market space. 

So, why are so many companies trying to capture the UAE market? What makes it a great place to invest in? There are many reasons that the UAE has emerged as a top destination for foreign investment. UAE has 0% taxes, a very low import duty rate, a thriving flourishing economy, free trade agreements, and all basic infrastructure facilities for businesses. A conducive environment that is perfect for entrepreneurs, small enterprises and large multinational corporations of any industry makes it a ripe business ground!

According to the latest Smart Cities Index report, Dubai is one of the top five cities in the world that is using technology to improve residents’ lives in all aspects. Since the UAE Government is highly supportive of foreign investment, they have made very user-friendly regulatory policies to promote business initiatives. It has very liberal labor policies that make it simple to recruit employees from any part of the world at cost-effective salaries.

The presence of cultures from all over the world makes UAE a cosmopolitan market. It has tremendous scope for growth due to a customer base with high purchasing power, and a quality lifestyle. 

While expanding to the UAE may seem to be a bed of roses, the reality may be different once your company actually arrives there – one of the most pressing challenges that you face may be how to handle your business communication. Competition is fierce and if your organization does not have a structured communication strategy, you may be heading for trouble.

The best thing to do if you are expanding into the UAE territory for business is to go right ahead and get an office Phone System telephone system in Dubai. We are all well aware that cloud telephony is the buzzing trend in the corporate sector, hence an office PBX system is an ideal solution for any company setting up base in Dubai.

How Will An Office Telephone System In Dubai Enhance Efficiency?

Many organizations are skeptical about taking the plunge and adopting cloud-based office telephone systems. However, cloud PBX solutions are a holistic option that will enable any company to gain a credible presence in UAE, and ensure that local customers can reach out for support at any time, round the clock. There are many office telephone system companies in Dubai that can give any kind of organization a personalized package that guarantees them seamless communication, and apex audio quality.

Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solutions are basically professional business phone systems that are hosted completely on servers in off-site data centers. If your business goes ahead with an office telephone system in Dubai, you will not need to worry about the infrastructure, upgrades, maintenance, and upkeep, as the service provider will handle everything. Cloud call center software telephony will also keep your data absolutely safe and stored in the cloud, making it accessible at the click of a button!

Communication is the golden key to business success. It is even more important when you are competing in a market such as the UAE, where there are dozens of local firms and international companies vying for the same target audience. 

If your business has commenced operations in Dubai, or any other commercial region in the UAE, you need to work on your communication game plan. Research the best office telephone system companies in Dubai and find out your options with respect to investing in an office PBX system. If you are still not convinced about the need to transition to an office telephone system in Dubai, here are a few powerful benefits of cloud telephony that may change your mind:

Reduces Communication Expenses:

Commencing business operations in a foreign land such as UAE means that you need to tighten the budget strings. No business can afford to waste money, and communication is one key functional domain that eats into a large chunk of your annual budget.

A cloud-based office telephone system can help companies reduce their calling costs, as most service providers customize pricing plans. For example: If your company needs to make a heavy volume of cold calls daily to target local Dubai-based clients, you can opt for a plan that has subsidized outgoing call rates. Similarly, if your organization is operating an inbound call center in UAE, the best option would be to get an office PBX system that does levy a charge on incoming calls. 

It is always wise to invest in a communication network that is cost-effective. This means that your staff members can make or receive business calls, without worrying about escalating costs. Office PBX phone systems bound to result in increased revenues and profitability in the long-term, making it a win-win situation for the organization and customers.

Easy scalability:

It is important for businesses to choose communication tools that can grow with changing requirements. One of the greatest advantages of investing in an office telephone system in Dubai is that it is highly scalable. This means that companies can easily add extra phone lines, extensions, and also connect to mobile devices, without upgrading the ‘old-style’ phone hardware.

If your organization is still using traditional wired phone systems in UAE, you probably know the difficulties that come with business expansion. It is simply not feasible to add more lines without heavy expenditure and lots of hassle. With cloud-based office telephone systems, you don’t need to think twice about expansion or diversification. Your service provider will instantly be able to scale up or down the system, based on your emergent requirements – making it convenient and highly flexible!

More reliability:

Reliability is one aspect that cannot be compromised. The last thing that you want while communicating with customers in UAE is dropped calls, line disturbances, or a breakdown of your communication network. This will project a negative brand reputation, and may even lose your business some loyal clients.

A cloud-hosted office PBX system is extremely reliable. Businesses will experience a sharp reduction in lagging response times, delays or lapses in audio call quality. In this era of fast-paced digital communication, you certainly do not want to annoy or frustrate customers by providing unreliable service that wastes their precious time. Cloud PBX systems can help organizations enjoy a seamless flow of interaction with clients in the UAE region, as they provide clear call reception at all times. 

Provides Excellent Customer Service:

Customer is king – this needs to be your business slogan for success. The modern customer is tech-savvy and expects speedy service round the clock. Investing in an office telephone system in Dubai will ensure that your customer support representatives are available at any time of the day to provide quality service. This will enhance customer engagement, and help them feel connected to your organization.

Most office PBX systems have a range of useful features that facilitate better customer care and support. Personalized voice greetings give your organization a professional image, and help to establish a rapport with local UAE-based customers. Efficient call routing ensures that customers do not need to wait for long periods of time in telephone queues; rather their calls are forwarded immediately to available agents.

Here’s a surprising fast – 86% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience! This highlights the importance of providing great service to your clients in Dubai – they will surely remain loyal, and not feel the need to switch over to rivals!

Disaster Recovery:

Very often, the first thing that is impacted by an unforeseen event such as a fire, storm or flood is the telephone connection. In such a scenario, businesses may lose large amounts of sensitive data that was stored on their telephone system. This can bring operations to a screeching halt, and have a severe impact on productivity.

An efficient system of disaster recovery is one of the prime reasons to go in for a cloud PBX system in the UAE. In the case of a cloud-hosted PBX solution, all the infrastructure and servers are hosted by a third-party in a separate physical location. Hence, even in case of an emergency, communication services are not disrupted and there is no threat of data loss. 

Security is a top priority for office telephone system companies in Dubai, and there are features such as encryption, user access control, and password protection to avoid fraudulent activities.

High Level of Accessibility:

A business needs a communication system that promotes remote work and off-site job functioning in a seamless manner. This is very important if you have commenced business operations in the UAE, but your company headquarters are in some other geographical location.

A cloud-based office telephone system enhances accessibility, as your employees will not physically need to be present in the UAE to make or receive calls. You can easily operate a cloud call center from any location in the world to cater to UAE-based customers by using business phone numbers. This will bring down costs massively, as it eliminates the requirement to rent office space, hire labor and set-up infrastructure in a foreign location.

Enhanced Workflow Management:

Your budding business organization in UAE will require an integrated communication system with top of the line features. Office PBX systems promote seamless and consistent communication through voice calls, video conferencing, instant messages, emails, and live chats.

Getting an office telephone system in Dubai will help companies integrate data with all major customer relationship marketing software tools, making it easy to import and export vital customer information. Also, cloud-based PBX systems give employees to access anytime, anywhere via softphones, mobile devices, landlines, laptops or desktops. They ensure that there is no disruption in task flow and escalate productivity to the highest possible level.

UAE office phone system

What Features You Should Check In A Cloud PBX Solution in UAE:

An office telephone system in Dubai will empower employees by giving them access to an impressive array of novel features. Most office telephone companies in Dubai focus on customizing packages for clients and provide them specific features in accordance with their long term corporate objectives.

It is very essential to research all available options in the market so that you can gain an edge in the UAE market by choosing the best cloud-based office phone system. Here are some important business features that will definitely streamline communication and enhance smooth workflow management:

1. Virtual Phone Numbers

If you are looking to enter the UAE market, getting a virtual phone number from a credible service provider is the first step to building a streamlined communication network. This will help your expanding business communicate easily with clients and provide instant service.

You may opt to purchase a virtual phone number with a local area code to serve customers in Dubai, and surrounding regions. They will be able to connect to your agents directly, and your organization will gain a credible presence in UAE. Your customers will remain happy as not even a single call will be missed or go unanswered, and it’s a great way to forge lasting relationships with your target audience.

If your business is heavily customer-focused and wants to provide top-notch service to its customers, toll-free numbers would be a great option for you. 800 toll-free numbers enable customers to call your organization without spending any money and get speedy support any time of the day.

2. Interactive Voice Response

It’s the 21st century, and companies need to rely on automation to enhance customer interaction. If you plan to target clients in the UAE, it is important to choose an office PBX system that has an interactive voice response facility. It allows you to set a warm welcome greeting message for UAE customers that helps in establishing a positive first impression.

Interactive voice response technology empowers customers to move towards self-service. Customers can dial numbers to guide themselves to a required department or technician for assistance or support. IVR provides customer service 24*7; hence clients do not need to wait for working hours or a particular time to contact your organization. It’s guaranteed to instantly boost satisfaction, as customers will not need to wait for problem resolution for long periods of time.

3. Call Forwarding

If there is one thing that is bound to irritate and frustrate your loyal customers, it would be their calls being missed by support representatives. One of the best features of cloud PBX platforms is call forwarding, which ensures that customer calls can be diverted to any other mobile phone, landline or softphone.

It enhances mobility in business operations as your staff members can receive calls even while they are on the move! Your UAE-based customers do not need to worry about time-zones or wait to be attended by call agents, and they can get connected in a jiffy.

4. CRM Integration

To maximize sales and revenues, it is important for call agents to maintain complete knowledge about previous customer interactions. This is possible when your cloud-based office telephone system can integrate with existing CRM platforms in your organization.

If your PBX phone solution is integrated with CRM software, salespersons will have all the important information right at their fingertips. They will be aware of past purchase history, customer demographics, and preferences. It will help support representatives in adding a personal touch to customer interaction and provide a better experience.

Analytics and Reporting: The explosion of big data, artificial intelligence, and customer analytics has changed market dynamics. The modern breed of telephone systems has advanced analytical tools that allow managers to view important metrics such as average call duration, agent performance, and customer wait time.

If your organization has entered the UAE markets, it is vital to track key performance indicators and agent performance. Investing in a cloud-based PBX solution will increase visibility by enabling managers to monitor the business, create customized reports, and provide information for better strategic decisions.

5. Call Recording

Competing with local UAE-based organizations will be challenging, as the employees are trained to deliver superior service to local customers. Investing in an office PBX system will give your company the advantage of call recording – this means that you can store a record of all customer calls on the cloud, and access it at any time.

Call recording is a very useful feature as it can help you assess where call agents are going wrong, and rectify their mistakes proactively. Once your support representatives are trained to perform to their best ability, they will be able to exceed customer expectations and provide them with a delightful service experience.

To Conclude:

You need to choose the best office telephone system in Dubai to stand apart from the competition there. Make sure to choose a market leader and credible cloud telephony service provider such as MyOperator to accrue long-term transformational benefits. It is top-rated and has exemplary customer reviews on all major platforms due to its excellent service record.

MyOperator is the ideal choice as it can simply customer experience by providing a host of facilities such as 24*7 support, data security, call tracking, and unparalleled calling features. A cost-effective, flexible and customization office PBX system, MyOperator is indeed just what your organization needs to break into the UAE market with a bang.

So, do not hesitate anymore, take a leap of faith, and get a suitable cloud-based office phone system for your organization. It will surely increase all your bottom-line results, and lead to a dramatic jump in business revenues!

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