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5 Tools to Boost Your Sales Team Productivity & hit your targets

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MyOperator / Blog / 5 Tools to Boost Your Sales Team Productivity & hit your targets

The sales team is a business driving force for any enterprise. Their main objective is to attract prospects as well as retain them to improve product selling. But improving the sales team’s productivity can be manually complicated as various factors like time management, meeting schedules, signing closing, etc., come into play. 

Many automated tools are available in the market that help unleash greater productivity in your salespeople. Also, according to research by Mckinsey, around 75% of B2B buyers prefer self-service or remote interaction rather than in-person communication. Thus both sellers and buyers are choosing digital tech over traditional approaches to product selling.

In this article, we will discuss top sales software in different tech categories that offer multiple advantages to your sales team for improving overall productivity and performance.

Best tools for your sales team

There are various tasks in sales that can be automated, such as time tracking, call management, workflow and sales pipeline management, scheduling meetings and doing follow-ups, etc. In each classification, numerous software and tools are available that provide different functionalities to simplify your sales process. So, here we have listed the best sales tools that we love to use:

MyOperator for sales calls management

MyOperator is a user-friendly cloud call center solution and call management platform that helps salespeople improve the communication, service, and experience of customers. It works on the cloud and is capable of adapting to any business size, type, and need. If you need assistance, our toll free number for business is available 24/7 to support you. If you’re wondering how to get a toll free number, simply reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the process.

From call forwarding and recording to the IVR system, it provides extensive and flexible features to help your sales staff improve customer interaction and, therefore, their own productivity. So whether your team works at the office or remotely, managing clients becomes straightforward and easy.


  • With its IVR (Interactive Voice Response), you get a single business number, automated call routing, recording, masking, and on-time notifications.
  • You can also generate call reporting to get detailed insights into missed, dropped, and attended calls.
  • Integration with CRM tools helps you develop an effective and better customer service approach.
  • The call center software support platform can be configured without any additional infrastructural and hardware costs.
  • It comes with an in-built virtual receptionist that can manage your large call volumes, mainly when corresponding support people are unavailable. This also helps reduce the customer on-hold time.

factoTime for time & attendance tracking

factoTime is a powerful and comprehensive attendance and time-tracking app that helps organizations track work hours and optimize productivity. Your salesperson can mark their attendance using multiple ways like QR code, geo-fence, and punch with a selfie. As employees can keep track of their own time at the workplace using this, they can reduce procrastination and improve efficiency, especially during remote work. With facetoTime, you can also track how much time is spent across different projects and clients, making it a great project management tool for agencies selling services based on time.

Furthermore, it also provides exclusive features for complete time management of your people, thus reducing time theft.


  • It enables you to configure pay rates and calculate wages based on the tracked work hours. 
  • You can also build a holiday and work calendar so your employees can plan their work schedule and leave priorly.
  • With the schedule management option, you can define day, night, or flexi shifts and assign them to your workforce.
  • Generate various reports directly from the mobile app to make better proactive decisions and improve the business’s bottom line.
  • factoTime also comes with an ESS/web portal having the same features as that of the mobile app.
  • You can get real-time alerts when an employee marks attendance time in or time out.

Sales Simplify for sales engagement and automation

With its intuitive, simple, and user-friendly UI, Sales Simplify helps your salespeople streamline the entire sales pipeline from lead generation to deal closure and automate repetitive sales tasks to improve overall productivity and performance. With Sales Simplify’s AI and ML-based sales intelligence, you can improve conversations with prospects, get insightful sales analytics, and drive better revenue generation.

Sales Simplify accelerates revenue growth by enabling representatives to improve productivity, prioritization, and visibility. Furthermore, its simplicity and ease of use make it easy for the sales teams to adapt quickly. 


  • On-page and off-page lead generation with no-code smart lead generation chatbot.
  • Drag and drop sales pipeline management for simplified management of leads and deals. 
  • AI-driven sales intelligence for data-driven improvements in the sales process.
  • Sales forecasting providing sales predictions for prioritizing valuable customers and activities rather than untargeted ones, thus saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Unlimited sales workflow automation to improve sales teams’ productivity and auto-handling of mundane sales tasks. 
  • Built-in sales engagement functionality to stay connected with the prospects throughout the pipeline.

Calendly for appointment & meeting scheduling

Calendly is an easy-to-use meeting scheduling tool so the sales team can keep their calendars organized and concentrate on their work rather than rushing through emails. It ensures better customization and flexibility and adapts to different yet complex business requirements. 

Whether you want to manage meetings individually, with teams, or within the whole enterprise, Calendly will make it possible with its standard and scalable features. Your sales team can use it to communicate, coordinate, and cultivate better and more effective client relationships. 


  • Automate scheduling workflow by setting up real-time reminders or greetings, helping you to focus on nurturing better relationships.
  • Schedule one-on-one or group meetings quickly and effectively as per your requirements.
  • Before the actual meeting, send your invitees a set of time schedules to choose from using meeting polls options.
  • You can set up a meeting booking page where recipients can select meeting types and view your availability.
  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party solutions like Zoom, Slack, HubSpot, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, and many more.
  • Configure and share routing forms to collect information about invitees before scheduling meetings with them.

Workast for project management

Workast is a popular project management platform that helps teams monitor their tasks, customers, and events. Workast can be a boon for your teams if you are already using Slack. Team members can directly sign up from Slack and manage all their tasks even when they are in an important conversation.

Another perk of the software is that it allows the workforce to manage client projects in an agile manner. This helps establish better communication, engagement, and collaboration among the team members making all business functions better including marketing, sales, and customer service management. Workast always helps you ensure that work is never missed again.


  • With the help of Slack integration, employees can be directly assigned tasks along with due dates and reminders.
  • Get complete visibility over all your to-do, in-progress, and completed tasks to help your teams finish tasks before deadlines and improve their efficiency.
  • You get over 50 various search combinations to build customized reports and gather data quickly to minimize any risks.
  • Conduct meaningful surveys to ask questions and collect information about your clients using public or private forms.
  • You can save your people’s time and work by designing customizable templates for common and repetitive tasks.
  • Create better meetings with advanced setup settings for dates, time, and agenda, and store all the essential notes in a single place.

Let’s boost your sales productivity now

The more you surf the internet, you can find a variety of options to improve your sales team productivity and maximize sales success. But the ones mentioned above are leading sales tools in the market , including WhatsApp API, that strives to meet unique business requirements. The ultimate goal for a sales team is to establish better communication with customers, future prospects, and brand advocates. Thus, select software that reflects your needs and helps you automate your business processes to take the organization to a new height. 

An important point to be noted is to ensure that your sales strategy is working well. Make sure to align your employee goals with the organization’s objectives. Because implementing these tools won’t help you build a strategy but will automate your manual and repetitive processes so you can perform your goals better.

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