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Are you using that Personalized Message for your customers? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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When people give you attention, don’t you like it? C’mon everybody does! When people specify us or specifically talk about us in their conversations, there is a sense of “being important” or “feeling important” generated within our minds.

This a follow-up article to my previous post on “Simplification is the key to reach the customers”, where I had highlighted the benefits of simplifying conversations. But what I also think is that there is no point simplifying words, if the person you are talking to doesn’t know that you are addressing him. So it’s always better to Personalize words while Simplifying them!

“Personalization” is of utmost importance when it comes to talking to customers or performing any marketing campaign. Customers like when you specifically “talk to/about them”, as a result you achieve success in winning their confidence and this further serves as a route for future business ventures.

I’m here with an infographic to show the real benefits of using a “Phone” as a tool for Personalization.

Are you using that Personalized Message for your customers?

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Here’s what you can do for your customers:

Get IVR number for your company: Language is a common problem for customers. Customers feel warm if they are recognized with their own local language. An IVR system helps a customer to choose from multiple languages, or even better, set location based welcome messages, so that the caller feels comfortable and the message is conveyed without any confusion.

Follow segmentation: Remember this! When you are talking to someone, make sure that you are talking to that one person. For instance, when you market via emails make it unique by mentioning the last purchase category of the recipient. You can also consider segmentation based in user preferences (Remember those Furniture Sale Advertisements that follow your visit to an e-commerce portal selling sofas?). The customers tend to take personalized messages seriously.

A sticky agent works for callers: sticky agent helps customers to directly talk to the agent with whom they had a conversation in the past. This eliminates confusion within the organization and for the customers.

These are the few ways by which you can personalize messages and conversations for your customers. Do share what else you do to personalize your message!
This article was first published on Customer Think Blog.

Are you using that Personalized Message for your customers? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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