How to Achieve 200% More Customer Calls in SMBs

A CRM-Cloud Communication Guide to streamline business communications

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The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation

Things You’ll Take-away

Part I - Choosing your CRM and Communication Tech

Introduction to CRM | Key Advantages and Applications

Introduction to Cloud Communication | Key Advantages and Applications

Simplifying Operations with an Integrated | CRM x Cloud Communication Solution

Accelerating Growth by Automating Calls + WhatsApp

Part II - Sales and Customer Engagement Best Practices for SMBs

Customer Communication | Recommended best practices for SMBs

What is a Sales Pipeline | How to plan a sales pipeline for SMBs using a CRM solution

Turn Leads Into Customers With Lead Nurturing

How to set-up lead nurturing using a CRM and Cloud Communication Solution

Success Story of Cleanomatics using Integrated Bigin by Zoho CRM + MyOperator Contact Center

Power Your Lead Generation with Bigin by Zoho CRM - MyOperator Cloud Communication Integration

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