How Sales Managers are Driving Sales with Cloud Telephony

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There are many types of sales callers

Some are edgy, some pushy, some outright arrogant, while some are slogging hours to meet the ever-pressing targets. Sales pitch techniques and modes of communication have changed dramatically post-pandemic. Many have switched from office to WFH. Face to face interactions are replaced by phone calls and WhatsApp. 

It’s not possible for sales managers to keep a tab on the product pitch techniques of their team members all the time. 

This is where automation can help. 

According to Sales Management Association (SMA), firms that use technology are 57% more effective in sales training and development

No wonder many sales managers, from small to large scale organizations, have already amped up their sales strategies by leaning on automation. 

Cloud telephony is one of them. Why cloud telephony? Whether it’s an inbound or outbound sales calling process, it’s always important to keep a common dashboard backed with all the relevant data needed for training and performance of a sales team. The best part of cloud telephony is that you can check the needful from anywhere, anytime, any device. 

Here are a few FAQs on cloud telephony, many sales professionals still want to know about.  

What is Cloud Telephony? 

Cloud telephony is a type of cloud communication technology that can be used to replace your existing traditional business telecommunication set-up. It can only be accessed through an internet connection in the form of a desktop application or a mobile app.

What are the main components of a cloud telephony? 

Cloud telephony is an umbrella term consisting of many spokes as its products. Those are: 

i) Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Your virtual telephone receptionist that greets your callers professionally and route calls to respective agents anywhere in the world. 

ii) Virtual number: A common phone number that can be mapped with multiple phone numbers to make business calls 

iii) Toll free number: A virtual phone number that enables free calling services to your callers

iv) Distributed call centre: A common platform that lets you manage all your cloud call centres in a centralized setting. 

v) Bulk SMS: Allows you to send bulk text messages to multiple recipients at once 

vi) Call tracking: Whether missed or received, all your business calls can be tracked to ensure no loss of prospects 

vii) Call recording: Get access to all the call recordings where you can monitor tele caller/sales team’s performance. This can help you in improving the training and performance as well. 

viii) Detailed call reports: Get a complete analytics report with KPIs of all the calls to help you improve your team’s response management. 

How sales managers are using cloud telephony to amp up sales? 

Over 90% sales conversations happen over a phone call. You would not want to miss out on those high volume calls your business keeps getting as anyone can be your potential customer. This is where cloud telephony can help you keep track of all the calls so that you or your team can make or receive calls through a centralized all-in-one call management system. The best part? You can integrate this with an existing call center software set-up or a CRM software. 

Isn’t cloud telephony way too technical?

Not at all. An effective call management system is supposed to ease your pain, not add to your troubles. You need zero technical skill to manage this software. It’s as simple as managing a social media app. In case, you’re unable to understand certain things, there’s always a helping hand to guide you 24×7. 

To conclude, cloud telephony is an advanced telecommunication medium which many business leaders and sales managers rely on. Just a few clicks and you’re all sorted to take your business objectives to the next level. 

Have more questions? For a better understanding of the technology, you can get started with a free demo.

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