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Growth Hacking is beyond Marketing. Here’s how!

Sean Ellis was the first person to coin the term “Growth Hacking”. He states, “Growth Hacking is not anti-marketing, it is the evolution of marketing, it is pro-growth.”

Though growth hacking is a part of marketing, there are various other ways to achieve it. If one has to define “What is Growth Hacking?”, one of the possible ways of defining it could be as follows:

Growth hacking is a process by which an organization induces growth using a variety of strategies adding value to this technique.

This infographic enumerates 5 ways by which growth hacking is possible.

Growth Hacking

The above mentioned stats show the amount of growth one can achieve by concentrating on few of the nitty-grities. This could further lead to development and result in growth!

As mentioned earlier Growth Hacking is a technique of developing overall process of an organization, such a growth can also be achieved by managing business calls. Having a detailed information about the business phone calls can help an organization grow, immensely. Phone calls are 3 times more likely to convert, therefore track them!

MyOperator gives an opportunity to become a growth hacker by managing business calls. It pertains features such as:

  1. Call tracking, for not let business miss any call leads.
  2. SMS Remarketing to increase repeat purchases from the existing customers.
  3. Team tracking to view the call accountability of individual employees.
  4. IVR to create brand awareness among potential customers and give a professional touch to your organization
  5. Follow up to continuously engage the calls that have been missed.

MyOperator facilitates growth hacking in many ways. It not only helps in expanding the profit margins of an organization but helping you grow in terms of employee development, brand awareness among the potential customers, customer service and product quality.

Start Growth Hacking with MyOperator here.

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