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Middleware is the type of computer software that allows the frontend software applications to connect with the operating system or the database. Middleware basically acts as a bridge between two non compatible entities for example operating system and hardware, programs made in different languages etc. Middleware’s work is exactly like that of a middleman; it facilitates the transmission of data between two different applications to make them work smoothly and this makes middleware an indispensable part of call centers.

Let’s take the example of a regular call center to understand the use of middleware in telecommunication. Whenever a customer calls the reception desk at a call center, the receptionist takes the call and transfers it to the concerned person or department. The receptionist here is the middleware as she is transmitting information between the client and the agent and without her, the customers and agents cannot communicate well with each other. These are the scenarios where a middleware is needed and in the modern times, this role is played by the IVR system. The IVR system checks the availability of the concerned agent before forwarding the call to him or her and does so in such a way that the process is smooth and the customers don’t have to face any difficulties which is good for the reputation of the organisation.

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