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Look Ahead Routing

Look ahead routing is a routing method wherein the call management system checks the availability of a group of call center agents before it transfers a call to them when the system is getting overloaded with calls. Look ahead routing is an essential practice that should be embedded in every call distribution or IVR system because full automation of call management is only possible when the system is smart enough to know whether or not a group of agents is available to take the call before forwarding it to them.

Look ahead routing and other fundamental practices are an important part of call management automation. It is such a basic practice that it shouldn’t even be optional for call centers to implement it. A good call management system is the one that is intelligent enough to check for the availability of the call center agents before forwarding a call to them. In absence of such a system, calls will keep on piling up with one group of agents and customers will start hanging up on the call which will eventually result in lost business and bad reputation of the call center, something that no call center or for that matter no business will ever want.

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