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Grade of Service

Grade of Service or GoS is one of the most important metrics on which a call center is evaluated. Grade of Service is the ratio between the number of calls that are blocked or delayed beyond a certain duration and total number of calls that were made towards the call center. Simply put, Grade of Service of a call center determines how well a call center does its primary job i.e. accepting calls. A poor Grade of Service would mean that the call center is not able to handle the volume of calls it’s receiving at any given time and a large number of calls are either not going through or the caller has to wait for a long time before the call is picked.

The Grade of Service can be a deciding metric for any call center as it directly points towards its efficiency and call handling capabilities. Moreover, different types of call centers can have different benchmarks for GoS. For example, an emergency services call center aims for 100% of calls to be answered within say, 5 seconds, whereas for public services it may be 70% calls within 30 minutes. Grade of Service also helps determine the number of agents needed at a call center as well as set their targets.

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