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Fast Clear Down

Fast Clear Down is a call center jargon and the name given to a caller who hangs up as soon as they hear a delay announcement on the phone. Such types of callers are in no mood to wait and have no patience in them. They can not wait for a call center agent to get free from his other calls or engagements and want to be heard on an immediate basis. Usually these types of callers end up writing poor reviews about the call center or customer care on various social media platforms.

Fast clear down poses a great threat to the reputation of the call center in terms of its customer satisfaction and customer happiness index. Call centers which are short staffed or do not have enough channel lines in their call management system tend to be the most affected by such callers as they are mostly running on full capacity and every other caller has to wait in line in order to speak to a call center agent. Cloud-based call management systems such as MyOperator provide call centers with the flexibility of increasing or decreasing channel lines based on the incoming flow of calls. In case the agents are not available, the facility of voicemail allows callers to tell their problem to the call center without waiting for an agent to get free.

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