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Digital India Mission: How MyOperator is Powering Up the SME Voice

Digital India Mission
MyOperator / Blog / Digital India Mission: How MyOperator is Powering Up the SME Voice

India commemorated ‘Digital India Week’ in the first half of July but the ‘Government of India’ driven campaign stands strong throughout the year. Every year, this campaign is promoted to make the country digitally robust with the power of technology. 

This year’s theme was ‘Catalyzing India’s new Techade’. Coincidentally we completed a decade of powering tech for India’s SMEs and we are more excited than ever to step up the gas on the next techade. And why not?

We have been early partners of the Digital India mission as our platform connected PM’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ to billion plus Indians. Enabling the voice of the Prime Minister is a big responsibility. But an ever bigger responsibility has been to power the voice of thousands of SMEs on our cloud telephony platform; connecting the aspirations of small and medium businesses across India. And we have done a decent job of this.

India’s SMEs – Powering our trillion dollar economy

Instead of fluff talk, let’s cut to the chase and talk data: 

  • The total number of SMEs in India is estimated to be a whopping 43 million, both registered and unregistered.  
  • SMEs employ more than 100 million people which is estimated to be 40% of India’s workforce. And not surprisingly this is second only to the agriculture industry. 
  • Nearly 30000 micro businesses scaled up to become small businesses. 

Although MSMEs are undisputedly the backbone of the Indian economy, a large number of micro to small businesses are yet to make strides in a digital-dependant ecosystem. Some are even burning their capital without knowing how low-cost a digital business setup can be. 

Now, what is a digital business setup? It is a business setup that employs online tools to get its job done. Does that mean you need to cut down on your workforce? The answer is a big NO! On the contrary, you will be supporting your workforce with digital tools that get your job done faster and more efficiently. 

Connecting SMEs

The success of any-sized business hinges on its sales and customer service initiatives. And voice plays a key role here. About 60% of customers prefer to connect with a small to medium business over a phone call. And it is this humble phone call that we have been digitizing.

MyOperator’s cloud-based call center solution, call management platform helps SMEs reach more customers, handle sales enquiries and get more business at a fraction of cost they would have spent otherwise. After serving over 15000 customers over the years, ranging from local business players in Meerut to the unicorns based in Mumbai we can literally say: India Dials On MyOperator.

Delivering Impact

It takes a lot to keep a business moving. And looking at the range of problems we have solved for organizations of all sizes is amazing. 

A restaurant used our IVR to get more bookings, a health-care provider used our dialer app to empower collection agents and accelerate health-care, a social impact education organization used the MyOperator toll-free number to serve less privileged students. The telecom revolution in India has helped bring millions of Indian businesses online and we feel proud to be an enabler of that last mile business to customer connect.

Enabling Commerce

Over time we have gone beyond digitizing call management. Now a small business sitting in a Kochi or Kohlapur can attract international clients thanks to our virtual number. Or an upcoming e-commerce player can aspire to deliver services on the scale of MNCs using our automated IVR system. Every year thousands of business-customer calls connect on MyOperator a leading call center software, generating revenues, employment, and prosperity for India’s SMEs. It is a great responsibility to keep India talking and Digital India’s call for a new techade inspires us to notch our game even higher.

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