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Web Services for Startups and SMEs: Here is what to consider

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Choosing a web space is a vital decision for all startups, be it a technology startup or any other business. By space or place on the web, we are referring to a server or a machine hosted somewhere to run desired applications and which has accessibility to the firm’s audience over the internet. IT based start-ups require a place on web where they can deploy their services, run websites, make their production code run and for numerous other uses. Other business like real estate firms, e-commerce solutions too need an online presence for showcasing the services and products they can offer.

SMEs and startups can host a varied range of services over the publicly accessible web space, like, using the space to run a web application, run a dedicated storage server, use as a server for media needs like streaming content or allowing users an option to download from that space, use it as a storage space for data backup, etc. These requirements may vary for each business, but in today’s digital era each small or midsized business aiming to make it big is dependent on internet technologies to reach out to a majority of people. Or if they are not doing so till now, they must think in the direction to rely on power of web which will definitely lead to a business growth.

Here we list key points a startup, SME or a budding entrepreneur must consider for getting a web space for their business:

SMEs Embracing Cloud

1) Go for Cloud

Cloud-based technologies, including toll free number services, IVR solutions, and Cloud call center software, have rapidly emerged as profound solutions for various IT needs. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups must consider deploying their services or migrating their existing IT infrastructure to leverage the advantages of Cloud technologies. Some of the benefits of utilizing Cloud for business encompass the elimination of hardware costs and issues, pay-as-you-use flexibility, scalability, and enhanced security.

2) Extensive market research for your needs

There are several players providing various services, like web hosting, domain hosting, e-mail solutions, etc. to help you embark your web presence. Choose a service provider wisely with the following thoughts in consideration: select a vendor which is good at the kind of services you intend to provide, check for user reviews/feedback for service, and check the pricing structure, and most importantly, level of support available (you are going to need it).

3) Use Open Source technology

Why pay when you can get the better for free. With Open Source comes freedom, freedom to use and freedom to change source as per your needs. Apache the leading running web server is an Open Source technology, similarly open source variants of almost every technology you can think of are available. Open Source projects are well documented and have community support available.

4) High Availability

Being a startup or a SME trying to make your business flourish one thing you surely cannot afford is downtime with your services. Choose vendors or web space which can provide high availability and durability for your services. Cloud Technologies are again a thing to trust for providing consistent and efficient services.

One such name we would like to suggest to SMEs and startups (upcoming and running) to fulfill almost all your web space needs is Amazon AWS. Amazon provides several cloud technology solutions from EC2 to run a desired server configuration on cloud, to RDS to run a Relational Database System on Cloud. For knowing the entire list of services available on Amazon AWS can be found at, Amazon’s website.

The best part is the free gift from Amazon for Startups and SMEs where new customers can sign up and enjoy the Free Tier usage of Amazon Cloud services. Further information on this can be found at, on this page.

Web Services for Startups and SMEs: Here is what to consider
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