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50+ Customer Service Statistics & Trends to Plan Your 2024 Better

50+ Customer Service Statistics & Trends to Plan Your 2024 Better
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Customers are a hard nut to crack but once you figure out how to give satisfactory service to them, you will be able to retain them for life. Here are important customer service statistics thank you need to keep in mind while dealing with your customers. 

Customer service statistics- MyOperator
Customer service statistics- MyOperator

1/ 56% of the people across the globe have stopped doing business with companies with poor customer service. (Microsoft

2/ 55% of the customers are ready to pay more for a guaranteed good customer experience. (Kolsky)

3/ 84% of the purchasers say that the customer’s service experience matters as much as the product or the service they are using. (Martchalliance) 

4/ Companies that put customer services over everything else perform 80% better than those companies that don’t. (Qualtrics)

5/ 96% of customers say that their loyalty to a business is determined by the customer experience they get. (Microsoft

6/ 89% of customers tend to make repeated purchases after one great customer service experience. (Salesforce Research)

7/ 76% of customers prefer different channels for communicating as per the context of the conversation.  (Salesforce Research)

8/ After one bad experience, 39% of the customers will avoid doing business with the company for 1+ years. (Dimensional Research)

9/ Every 3 out of 5 customers report that their loyalty towards a business depends upon the customer service. (Zendesk)

Customer service statistics- MyOperator
Customer service statistics- MyOperator

10/ Expectations are not met by brands as per 53% of the customers. (Acquia)

11/ 90% of customers decide if they should get into business with a company or not based on their customer service. (Truelist)

12/ Every one in two millennials has ranted and complained about a brand or business on social media. Eh! Millennials are hard to please but they also constitute the greatest fraction of your customers most of the time. (Microsoft)

13/ 88% of the customers make their purchases based on the influence of online reviews. (Dimensional Research

14/ 27% of customers firmly believe that poor customer service is what results in their frustration with a brand and is the root cause of the same. (Statista)

15/ It is now time to get cloud telephony for your business if you haven’t invested in it already. 60% of customer say that long call queues and delay in service is the most frustrating part of customer service calls. (Zendesk)

16/ 66% of customers expect to be treated as individuals and not treated generally as numbers. They want the brands to understand their unique needs. (Martech Alliance)

17/ 46% of purchasers say that their expectations are higher in terms of customer service next year. (Zendesk)

18/ 51% of purchasers recommend your brand to their friends and family after a good customer service experience. (Dimensional Research

Customer service statistics- MyOperator
Customer service statistics- MyOperator

19/ 31% of customers want their queries to be resolved in the first interaction itself.  (Statista)

20/ 4 out of every 10 customers refrain from spreading a word about a brand to their knowns after one bad experience. (Zendesk)

21/ 47% of customers switched to other brands after one bad experience with a company last year. (Microsoft)

22/ 53% of buyers feel that their feedback is not going to the person who can act on it, thus it isn’t significant to brands. (Microsoft)

23/ 93% of customers are ready to do business again with a brand after one good customer service experience. (Hubspot Research

24/ 78% of shoppers will do business with a brand again even after a mistake if their customer service is excellent. (Salesforce)

25/ Worldwide 18% of customers expect a response within one hour from social media handles of businesses. (Statista)

26/ If you increase customer retention by 5% then you can increase your profits significantly by  25% to 95%. (Harvard Business Review)

27/ More than 90% of shoppers say that they will stop purchasing from a business if they experience poor customer service 3 or fewer times. (Gladly

Customer service statistics- MyOperator
Customer service statistics- MyOperator

28/ 26% of customers feel that getting in touch with the customer support department of different companies is becoming more and more difficult. (Microsoft) 

29/ 64% of customers prefer to shop from brands that offer them real-time solutions. (Salesforce)

30/ 23% of shoppers like to seek face-to-face customer service for complicated issues. (American Express)

31/ You can improve your online conversion rate almost by 8% if you include personalization in your customer experience. (Trust Pilot)

32/ 54% of customers say that they feel that sales, service, and customer support teams do not share necessary information with them and try to gaslight them. (Salesforce)

33/ 70% of the journey of a customer is dependent upon the customer service they receive and how they feel about it. (McKinsey)

34/ It is believed that 75% of customers will choose a business that offers personalized customer service over the one that doesn’t. (StartupBonsai)

35/ 44% of customers have confirmed that they have received the wrong answer to their query from customer service agents. (Kolsky)

36/ 76% of customers still prefer phone interaction of texts and messages. (CFI Group)

Customer service statistics- MyOperator
Customer service statistics- MyOperator

37/ Around the world, companies respond to only 85% of the customer service questions. (Microsoft)

38/ 79% of customers got their online complaints ignored about poor customer service. (Harris Interactive)

39/ 82% of business leaders believe that adopting new ways to satisfy customers is vital. (Salesforce)

40/ Fetching a new customer is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining the existing customers. (INVESP)

41/ When it eventually comes to buying a product, 64% of customers keep the customer service experience above price. (Gartner)

42/ The brands that ask and consider customer feedback are considered more favorable by the shoppers. (Microsoft)

43/ After multiple bad customer service experiences, 80% of customers are more likely to work with a competitor. (Zendesk)

44/ 33% of customers have previously contacted businesses through FB or related channels. (Forrester)

45/ 57% of shoppers will not recommend your business if you have a poorly designed website. (socPub

46/ 36% of customers in total will share their customer service experience with their knowns regardless of it is good or bad. (CFI Group)

47/ Strong customer engagement techniques and strategies help in retaining an average of 89% of customers. (Groove HQ)

48/ Over 70% of customers feel that they shouldn’t have to repeat their problem again and again to different customers and that the business should collaborate on their behalf. 
As you can see for yourself, customer expectations have now increased it is time that you also gear up and amp up your customer service game by using solutions like the IVR system so they can help themselves. Call queue feature to reduce the on-hold time for them.

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