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How being answerable for every call improves your customer support

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A call management system improves accountability thereby improving how your customers see your company.  That’s why MyOperator customers stick to using it. So I thought it might be a good place to bring to you how you can benefit from this accountability.

Accountability means being held answerable for accomplishing a goal or assignment. Unfortunately, the word “accountability” often connotes punishment or negative consequences. Certainly, management should not tolerate poor performance and should take action when it occurs. However, when organizations use accountability only as a big stick for punishing employees, fear and anxiety permeate the work environment. Employees are afraid to try new methods or propose new ideas for fear of failure. On the other hand, if approached correctly, accountability can produce positive, valuable results.

This goes on to mean:

  • improved performance,

  • more employee participation and involvement,

  • increased feelings of competency,

  • increased employee commitment to the work,

  • more creativity and innovation, and

  • higher employee morale and satisfaction with the work.

I just read somewhere  that “accountability means people can count on one another to keep performance commitments and communication agreements.” Very correctly call recording only enhances accountability and  can result in increased synergy, a safe climate for experimentation and change, and improved solutions because people feel supported and trusted. All of these positive results create higher employee morale and satisfaction.

So does this mean that call accountability can improve service in your business? Most definitely the answer is affirmative. It also provides guidelines to what steps did you take to improve service within your own organization?

Now the natural questions arises: What examples do I have that support the statement that an improvement in service adds revenue?  Does a good service experience add to your overall opinion of a company?

Hear what I have to say; You may have a bulletproof product and the best infrastructure to take it ahead but mark my words being answerable to every call will be your real take off point. Your support systems should also help you track the amount of time being taken up by support, so that you can plan for future requirements. More so If you are a small company then it becomes even more necessary to get a viable call management system working.

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Phone is your most used contact point. provide phone support, clearly state when it is available, including time-zone information. Also, keep track of the time you spend on this and the issues that customers raise so that you can combine it with the information that you collect via email or the companies help desk.

With an effective IVR system we actively try to see support requests as an indication that something needs improvement or clarification in the product or related support material. By tracking requests and seeing where patterns emerge that show people running into problems in certain places, you are able to prevent the problem from occurring or provide better support material.

If many of the people requesting support are asking about how to do something that your product doesn’t currently do, then it would be worth thinking about how you might accommodate this as a feature. While your ideas about what your product is and is not might be pretty fixed, you need to have some flexibility. Use your support requests to help guide development.

Real time monitoring is the need of the hour.  It does, however, require that someone be available to provide this support should users come to rely on it.

Perception and differences on handling connected calls, missed calls, voicemails speaks volumes about the ventures outlook.

A professional costumer help system will always win over happy consumers and create revenues.It fundamentally requires a mindset shift from how we typically look customer calls to drive efficiency and effectiveness .

That said we all are answerable to somebody and therefore improvement still needs to produce quantifiable benefits which can be used to drive measurable and traceable business cases.  The portfolio of activity that I suggest below will yield benefits in terms of improved operational productivity, a lower cost base, and improved product penetration, but ultimately the qualitative measure will be happier customers that intend to stay!

The tolerance level of these traditional quality assurance practices amongst contact center employees has run its course and with an economic upturn we’ll see a mass exodus of skilled talent from contact centers, never to return. In addition, customers are finally in control as judge, jury, and executioner and have the upper hand with quality assurance program evaluating (your entire program assessment) when they leverage social media. So your choice is to make a positive impact with quality assurance in your contact center or wait until customers make the choice for you.

This article is contributed by Aakaanksha Singh. She is a professional Blogger, columnist and an author.

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