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While running a business, we come across several issues which could be too small to notice but are significant when they occur.

Some of those few instances which I can recall are:

>> Customer is complaining about the unsatisfactory resolution he was given by one of the agents in your team. The agent has his own story to tell while the customer has a completely opposite one.

>> You provided your customer with a solution as per his requirements, but later, the customer turned back on his words. You are confused about how to prove the point that the solution was customized as per his words only.

>> You are training your new agents on how to deal and communicate with the customers, but due to some reasons, they are unable to comprehend the exact situations and therefore, are not performing that well.

>> You are constantly getting complaints of a particular agent for his bad communication or rude behaviour with customers. You wish to take any action but you don’t have any evidence to initiate an investigation for the same.

These are some of the problems/situations which are common in most businesses. You might face it and then ignore it later, thinking to handle or resolve it as and when the time comes.

But, give it a thought, is it good for your a) employee productivity, b) customer experience?

Certainly not. Therefore, it’s the time when you should consider resolving and preventing situations like these for the future. 

Fortunately, the solution is right here.

Start recording your customer conversations. Certainly, there is no science involved in how call recording works but the major benefits it has for businesses is definitely something to discuss.

Why is call recording solution important for businesses?

For better team performance analysis

While each conversation held between your agent and customer will be recorded, this will make the monitoring of your agent’s performance much much easier. You or your quality team can hear the recordings and can suggest changes in your agent’s communication skills accordingly.

Besides everything else, your agents too would be conscious of being monitored and will themselves ensure that no mistake is done while interacting with the customers on call.

In fact, this improvement in team performance will also apply to your new agents. They can be trained by exemplifying the right way of communicating through recorded conversations of previous agents and customers. 

This will give your agents a better understanding of the expected way of communicating with customers and will help them perform better.

For secured business transactions

There can be many probable situations in an organization, wherein the customer and agent can have disputes on the requirements told and solution delivered. Obviously, both of them will have their own version of the truth and it can get difficult for you to come to a resolution.

In these cases, hearing the call recording and exact spoken words can be the best cure you can have to resolve the matter. 

With recorded conversations, there will be no scope of hiding the facts and the matter can be solved easily without any scope of misunderstanding.

Also, the call recordings can be used as legal proof in case of any dispute arising in the future regarding the services delivered.

For understanding customer queries

Businesses always focus on ensuring the best possible customer service. However, this couldn’t be ensured to the fullest until we have actual insights into our customer requirements and problems they face with the services.

Hearing the recorded conversations will give us the best idea about the kinds of requirements customers come with or the issues your existing customers have.

Call recording solution, hence, will help you improvise on your customer service and also help you train your agents in advance regarding the probable questions that can be asked by the customer. 

For shaping marketing efforts

Good or bad, marketing is directly related to the kind of customers your business is driving. And, this can’t be done effectively until proper insights and examples are available to come to any conclusion.

Directly hearing the kind of requirements your callers are coming with will assist your marketers in making the right changes in their marketing campaigns, if required.

Needless to say, this method will prove to be the most effective way to assess your callers’ requirements and mould your marketing efforts accordingly.

For better customer service

This is why we at MyOperator have created a comprehensive solution, integrating advanced cloud call center software to ensure feasibility and maximize benefits for both the business owner and the agents in the company.

How MyOperator call recording solution works?

The whole concept of the best call recording solution is simple and easy to understand. And we realize how a simple call recording app on your agents’ phone won’t serve the purpose. As then the recordings would have to be manually downloaded and shared with the head to listen and analyze.

This is why we at MyOperator have created a solution ensuring feasibility and benefits for the business owner as well as the agents in the company.

All the calls coming on your business number (virtual number and toll free number given by us) will be recorded and will be available on the panel provided to you. You can hear the recordings, which will be updated immediately after the call is disconnected. Also, as the recordings are updated on the panel, your agents can never delete the logs from there.

Now, this was about the calls coming on your business number. What about the calls made by your agents’ phones?

Well, we have two options to fulfil that purpose:

Mobile tracking app: An android mobile app will be installed in your agents’ mobile phones and all the calls made and received by them will be tracked and recorded in real-time. Not only the recording of their conversations will be available to you on the panel, but also other details like phone number, time of calling, etc will be shown alongside.

ClickOcall feature: In case, you don’t wish to install any mobile app on your phone, we have another advanced solution to ensure your customer call recording. With our MyOperator panel, we’ll provide you with a feature which initiates the call directly from the panel. Your agent will have to simply write the number on the panel and call will be initiated, firstly on your agents’ phone and then on the mentioned customer’s number. Needless to say, all the calls made through this feature will be tracked and recorded timely.

Why MyOperator as your business call recording solution?

Surely, there are hundreds of providers in the market which can provide you call recording solution for your business calls. However, there are certain things which makes MyOperator an IVR service provider stand out from other call recording solution providers:

1. Real-time updates of recording

Your each business call is updated on the live panel as soon as the call is disconnected. In fact, you can also check all the related details of your callers alongside on the real-time updated panel.

2. Downloadable and shareable

You can download the recordings of your customer conversations from the panel, and can even share it with the customers for any probable purpose.

3. Secured storage on the cloud

All your customer call recordings are automatically stored on the cloud and can be accessed anytime in the future. You can fetch the recordings just by feeding in the phone number of the client you want to record with.

4. Backup for unlimited time

The call recordings are stored on the cloud for an unlimited time duration. You can easily check the recordings of your customer calls of any time, be it 5 months or 5 years old.

5. Tap on both inbound and outbound calls

Not only your incoming customer calls, but the ones made by your agents will also be timely recorded and updated on the panel.

To sum it up, call recording solution is an appropriate answer to many problems that organizations usually face. What’s notable is that these problems can arise in businesses of all sizes and nature. Call recording, hence, is a winning combination for businesses who aim the finest customer experience and effective team monitoring.

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