Bulk SMS Service: Business magnet you need in 2024 for a faster growth

Bulk sms service
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You must think that gone are the days when people used to send a personal message through SMS. Nowadays all the conversations take place via social media platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook. 

However, as per the latest stats, an average of 20 billion text messages are still being sent daily this year, translating to 7.3 trillion annually! That’s actually more than 5.5 million per second!

In fact, 90 percent of SMSes are read within 3 seconds. Just think how long it takes between your phone notifying for an incoming text and your hand moving to it.

So basically who’s using this service that has a whopping 98% open rate?

Shaking your head?

It’s none other than “SMART” businesses. And, I can say that so precisely because a lot of potential audience still can be effectively reached and marketed via SMSes.

So, this whole concept of reaching your audience through text messages primarily is called Bulk SMS marketing.

Now, let’s understand what actually is bulk SMS marketing and how it can prove to be beneficial for your business.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a simple concept of sending a text message to multiple users at the same time without compromising on network connectivity, data or speed limitations. It can be used to send promotional SMSes, transactional SMSes, urgent notifications, product updates, and more

Let’s dive into the details:

1. Promotional messages: Promotion is the major key player for businesses when it comes to grow their business. And, when we talk about promotion, what’s better than a simple text message to send your brand message to all your prospects at once. Interestingly, considering the advancement of bulk SMS marketing has bought, you may even send your message at your preferred time interval.

2. Transactional SMS: Keeping your customers up to date with transactional or billing-related information is indeed one of the most important things for a business to ensure their credibility. And here, SMS serves as a comprehensive model allowing you to fulfill your requirement without any manual involvement. For e.g. transactional statements or invoices can be easily sent to your users trigger-based SMSes.

3. SMS for business notifications: Businesses can use this service to keep their prospects updated with their new product launch or important notifications by sharing website or PDF links immediately through SMS. This will ensure that your customers are updated with your new products, further resulting in new sales opportunities for your business.

Why is SMS still so popular today?

SMS (Short Message Service) at 160 characters takes almost no time to reach and read by your recipient. It can be effectively utilized by sending web links, your business contact number, email, and other ways for your customers to connect with you.

Another reason for SMS being so popular is because it is a pre-installed application and doesn’t require internet connectivity on mobile phones. Everyone can receive messages without any hassle of downloading a new application or being connected to the internet.

How Bulk SMS marketing is being used by businesses across sectors?

Every business wants their prospects to notice their incomparable features and benefits. Obviously, no one can send emails or run ads for delivering all kinds of information. Herewith bulk SMS, businesses of different sectors have identified the power of bulk SMS marketing in delivering information, immediately and cost-effectively.

Bulk SMS service for restaurants

Barbeque Nation, being one of the leading names in the food industry, have been using SMS service for quite a long time.

They have optimized the service to the fullest, by sending bill statements to its customers directly through SMS. In fact, they recently have also added this service for its employees as well to keep them updated about any internet connection issues and other in-house updates.

Besides this, they are also using Bulk SMS solution for running promotional campaigns for its customers. And, the ROI has always been favorable and higher than expected

Bulk SMS solution for real estate

Sending information about offers, especially the ones valid for a limited time, is indeed crucial for all businesses. The real estate industry is one of them. Sudden property availability, reduction in property rates, information like this has to be passed on to the prospects at the speed of lightning.

To do so, many organizations from real estate have been extensively using Bulk SMS service to send their information to thousands of buyers at the same time. Consequently, it has been successfully driving more business towards them.

Bulk SMS solution has also empowered real estate businesses to optimize their SMS marketing campaigns with the help of a virtual number. Sending SMS with a virtual toll free number gives them a clearer image of the best performing and most engaging messages. Additionally, knowing how to get toll free number is essential for businesses aiming to enhance their customer communication channels

Bulk SMS service for healthcare industry

Talking about passing urgent information, and the power of SMSes to do so, the healthcare industry is the one who needs it the most.

For instance, If there is an urgent requirement of blood, the hospital can send this requirement to thousands of registered donors at once with bulk SMS software.

Another way in which hospitals have been using this service is by sending information about free medical health camps, blood donation drives, and others.

Besides this, it can also be used by the management to inform the staff about sudden emergency, strikes, or other in-house matters.

Bulk SMS service for schools

Taking time to keep a track on child’s school performance is a cumbersome task for parents to do as well as for teachers to inform them all individually. Bulk SMS solution allows school management to deliver student’s performance reports timely to parents.

Message with a URL directing to the student’s portal can be sent. Parents can then check their student’s performance and class homework easily. This keeps the parents updated about their child’s performance (be it attendance, internal assessment marks) without any extra effort.

Needless to say, other information like extended holidays, a sudden change in school hours, admissions etc can be easily sent to the parents and students within just a few minutes.

Bulk SMS service to collect feedback

Gathering regular feedback of employees is important for all companies to get actual insights about their employees’ thoughts.

Certainly, it is not a smart move for companies to ask every employee personally about their issues and suggestions.

To implement this process efficiently, bulk SMS with a feedback form attached to it can be delivered to thousands of employees at once via the WhatsApp API. After that, the company can run data analysis from that feedback form data and use it to improvise their employees’ job experience.

To sum it up, bulk SMS with its wide usage in different sectors is undoubtedly helping businesses from all domains to shine and improve their customer experience. All thanks to the easy-to-use panels bulk SMS solutions have that doesn’t allow any rocket science for its implementation.

Choosing MyOperator as your Bulk SMS provider

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Bulk sms service

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bulk sms service
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