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9 Quick Tips On How To Deal With Angry Customers On Call

MyOperator / Blog / 9 Quick Tips On How To Deal With Angry Customers On Call

No matter what service/product your company sells, you will always have to deal with angry customers like these.

“Your customer service is the worst in the market”

“I will discontinue using your services…” 

“Wait for the bad review on Google!”

Keeping customers happy and satisfied with your services is a tenuous task. It goes without saying that when you provide any service/product, you are accountable for it. Irate customers are the ones that every business has to deal with. Sometimes it is a genuine mistake or a misunderstanding.

In either of these situations, you need to take care and handle the situation sensitively and. So how to handle angry customers, especially when it is a mistake from your side? Here are 9 quick tips on how to deal with angry customers smartly:

9 Quick Tips On How To Deal With Angry Customers On Call [Infographic]
9 Quick Tips On How To Deal With Angry Customers On Call [Infographic]

Do not lose your cool

The first and thing you should keep in mind while dealing with an angry customer is not to take it personally. Though it is a natural human reaction to respond with anger to anger, it is still a piece of advice to never lose your calm while dealing with an agitated customer, as you might end up making them more furious. 

You should focus on customer satisfaction, whatever the situation may be. If the circumstances are going out of hand and the customer is not cooperating or being abusive to you, then feel free to take help from your manager or cut the call (according to the policies of your business). 

Try to understand that it is the customer’s right to be angry if they are not served well, this will help you stay calm and composed. When a customer calls to confront you, he/she is expecting to be understood and not shouted back from the customer care. In a situation of dealing with an angry customer, try using the phrases like “you have all the right to be angry” or “I am looking into the situation” and “thank you for bringing this to light. Such phrases will make the customer hopeful of getting a solid solution. This is one of the easiest ways to deal with angry customers on call. 

Listen attentively

This is one of the most crucial tips on how to deal with angry customers. When a customer is calling, they want to be heard. You have to let them know that they are being listened to and they are valuable to your business. An irate customer might shout or sometimes even talk rudely but, you have to understand that they are just venting out their frustration. 

You also need to understand that they aren’t targeting you; they are just trying to put forth the problems they are facing. You should indulge in active listening i.e. you should make an effort to understand what the customer is trying to convey through his dismay and frustration. You can even make notes of crucial information so that you can look through the situation in-depth and provide solutions. 

To make your angry customer feel heard, do not cut them over even if you have an effective solution. To make your angry customer on call, feel listened to, use phrases such as “I am listening to you” and I’ll try to find the solution once you explain the whole situation”. Listening to such replies will make the customer feel valued, and he/she might even calm down later. 

Never say no!

This is one rule you should swear by! Never say no, or I can’t help you, or I do not know to an angry customer, or you will end up making the situation worse. When an angry customer calls you, neither comfort them with false hopes nor infuriate them by telling them that you cannot solve the issue. In any such circumstance where you feel stuck, the wise move would be to connect them to your superior or schedule a follow-up call for later and try to fix the problem in the time being.

An infuriated customer calls with the hope to get an effective solution getting a negative response might infuriate them more. During these situations, you can comfort them by saying things like “I cannot solve this problem but, I can connect you to someone who can” or just ask, “If I can schedule a follow-up call so that I have a solution to your problem by then.”

Never put on hold

Though putting the call on hold might seem like a good idea to help the customer cool down or to find a way to solve the query, it is quite the opposite. Putting an angry customer on hold will infuriate them even more. Nobody likes to be kept on hold when they are expressing their concern. Keeping an already agitated customer on hold might make the situation worse. A wise move would be to convey that you need a minute or you need to put them on hold to connect them to your supervisor/manager. This might not make the situation better but, it will not escalate it either. This is one of the tips on how to deal with angry customers, which is ignored by my customer service agents.

How to handle the angry customer in a call center- MyOperator

Apologize, but not too much

This way of dealing with an angry customer is quite simple and straight. Saying sorry or feeling apologetic for your mistake does hold a huge value but just apologizing will not help in dealing with an angry customer. Your customer would appreciate you being apologetic but at the end of the day, sorry is not the solution they need. You have to focus on helping them find a solution to their problem, or else even your ‘sorry’ won’t help.

Empathize with the customer

Anger is a reaction that comes only after the limits have crossed. You need to understand that a customer is confronting you only after they went through severe problems. You should try to talk only after putting yourself in their shoes. Try to empathize with them by using statements like “I understand your situation”, “I can understand what you must be feeling”, “I would have done the same in your position” or simply convey that they are being understood by you and you are looking for a solution. Furthermore, try to validate what they are saying this might make an agitated customer feel heard and can even help in calming him down. Use phrases such as “You are very right about it” or “your concern is right”. Getting such replies will make the customer feel valued.

Explain that you are here to help

An agitated customer is calling only to seek help whatever the situation. Maybe you have to make them understand that you are there to help them. Doing this will not only give them a positive message but will also cool them down. While talking to an angry customer, maintaining a sincere tone is very important, as it makes them feel that you are there to resolve their issue. Being sensitive to what the customer is saying also reflects the kind of employee you are. While dealing with an angry customer saying “I am here to assist you” will comfort your the customers. 

Find the root of the problem

When you are listening, to the customer’s dismay, try to find out the root cause of the problem so you can offer effective solutions and end the call on a positive note. Moreover, try to over alternate solutions to the customer. Provide them with various solutions to choose from. This will have a positive impact, and the customer will also satisfy. 

Make callers feel special with IVR 

Last but not least, having an IVR or cloud calling system can help you improve your customer’s experience. Opt for office IVR for improved customer communication. My Operator provides a full-fledged solution to enhance your customer-calling experience. 

Our IVR setup comes with a centralized business number. This virtual number can incorporate various departments and multiple agents. This ensures that your customers do not have to go through the trouble of trying multiple phone numbers. IVR greetings can make your consumer’s experience better with the help of customized and professional voice messages. 

How to handle the angry customer in a call center- MyOperator

Call routing is another feature of IVR, which comes in handy while dealing with angry customers. It has a through this feature, you can easily connect the concerned department/agent on call without any delay. By using IVR, you can even keep a check on the conversations that happened between your customers and your agent. Furthermore, features like call reports and timely follow-ups will make sure that any missed call is attended to as soon as possible as our IVR setup gives you timely notifications for the same. 

My operator’s office IVR is the solution to all the problems your business might face while communicating with the customers. Opt for IVR to help your business grow and make your customers happier! 

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