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5 powerful “Don’ts” for Customer Retention

Customer Retention
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Hey! Your customers are leaving you…

Are you worried about that?

Don’t be! The 5 Powerful Don’ts should set in.

Do you often advise your children like, “Don’t waste your time. Prepare well for the exams!”? I know, this advice is a bit annoying for children; I understand that you do it for their own benefit so that they could avoid the pitfalls of lack of time nearing exams. Later, your children realize that those “Don’ts” helped them to do well in their exams.

Similarly, do you follow such “Don’ts” while serving your customers?

Valuing customers’ time keeps them happy. Customers happy stay longer with a company! Also, it saves a lot time for yourself and adds to the profitability of your firm.

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Following “5 Powerful Don’ts” help you retain your customers by managing your customers’ and your time effectively:

1. Don’t make your customers wait

Recall the situation when you were at a restaurant waiting for your favourite dish and it arrived after one long hour. Wasn’t it annoying? Similarly, your customers get frustrated when you make them wait for your service. No matter how good your product is, customer experience breaks if you deliver it late. For instance, Marriott 5-10-20 menu mentions the exact time taken by each food item, grouping it as appetizers, shareable food, and entrees. This way customers order food according to the time they want to spend at the restaurant. A menu creator can help restaurants implement such innovative menu structures to enhance the dining experience and cater to customer preferences.

2. Don’t ask too many questions to your customers

The key part of a conversation is querying the customers. When you are talking to someone, it is really easy to keep interrogating the other person without you providing any answers. When you ask too many questions to your customers, you waste their time as well as yours. Instead ask them only right questions and get the answers. It is better to speak less and listen more while talking to the customers. This reduces the time, quickly listening to the complaints and taking actions instead.

3. Don’t provide too many options to your customers

Providing too many options to customers create confusion in their minds. Too many options make to think more which in turn results in difficulty and delay in decision making. Customers want to avoid confusion because it takes time to come out of it. Understand them and provide suitable solutions rather than offering a variety of options.

4. Don’t follow up too many times with your customers

Too many customer follow-up calls create nuisance to them and they may smell fishy about your services. It also degrades your brand value. Allow a sufficient time duration before a mild follow-up or reminder call.

5. Don’t leave your customers alone

Imagine a situation where you were stuck in a problem and there was nobody to help you! Isn’t that scary? It takes time to resolve problems all by yourself. So make sure that you are available to your customers 24×7. Your company cherishes when you stand by your customers during their hard times.

Though it’s good to take steps to manage customers’ time, it’s very important to understand that your time is valuable than your customers’. Effective management of your time saves customers’ time as well, thereby creating happy and returning customers. It also decreases your costs (manpower, power, communication, real estate, etc.) and increases the profitability of your firm.

What all measures do you take to manage your customers’ time and retain them?

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