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Call tracking: A prominent feature for campaign marketing analysis

Call tracking A prominent feature for campaign marketing analysis
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Call tracking is an essential part of business communication and regardless to say, there would be many instances you might have heard of call tracking, but must not have given it a serious thought what exactly call tracking means? What are the advancements that it brings to business communication? Especially, if we say, when it comes to serving exponential customer experience.

But let’s consider this idea that what makes call tracking solution a feature so important for the businesses? Well, the reason goes back to the same fact that not only growing startups, small and big businesses, and enterprises are mostly relying on one prominent medium of communication that is the telephone. 

We cannot deny the fact that when it comes to the idea that over 80% of the business communication happens over the phone calls, call tracking itself becomes a mode to track the valuable user data like never before. Even today, there is a wide range of sectors, for instance, food and hospitality, healthcare, education, and industrial sector are using call tracking solution to capture the dynamic nature of business communication. Hence making it medium to foster smooth and rapid user-interface.

Here, call tracking solution automatically becomes the sole medium for tracking the user data, or let’s say, it is the most prominent way to do that. That too, within feasible time and resources available. Therefore, call tracking becomes the boon for industries where user-based data is the first consideration and can be tracked for the betterment and the growth of the businesses and retains the scope for better customer experience. 

With call tracking, businesses are able to determine how they can improve their customer service and how effective it is currently. This feature always paves the way for improving the customer experience. Hence, call tracking solution not only accelerate customer conversion rate but also build up customer trust and satisfaction.   

Today features like call tracking project the deep insights into the correlation between businesses and user-data response, that for sure, no other medium can possibly capture. Without the help of call tracking solution for business, it’s hardly possible to gain these insights that too in this short span of time. It’s not less than revolutionary. 

What is call tracking

Call tracking is the parameter for determining how your customers get to know about your business. Call tracking basically is the measurement where businesses can see the effects and results of the marketing campaigns they have run in the past, hence making it utterly important as a tool that can deliver insights on the source from where users are learning about businesses. It can range from simply knowing the location of the user to the different campaigns from that customer might have learned about the business. 

Therefore, this feature not only saves the customer’s time in telling the particular information that can be important for both the businesses and the customers but also saves extra time for the businesses to track down information regarding the customers.  

But again the important question comes in, why is it important to track the calls? Well, let’s consider these below-mentioned scenarios here. 

Example one: “Hi, My name is Samantha, how may I help you today” “Hey there, my name is Roger, will you please provide me additional information regarding the product” “Yeah, sure” (She briefed him). Thank you for choosing us. Could you please tell us where did you get to know about us?” (Customer tells her from where he learns about the company) 

Example two: “Hi, My name is Samantha, how may I help you today” “Hey there, my name is Roger, will you please provide me additional information regarding the product” “Yeah, sure” (She briefed him). Thank you for choosing us and have a nice day ahead. (Customer needs not to mention additional details as calls are tracked by the call tracking mechanism available.) 

Therefore, asking each customer and every customer the additional details such as phone number and location is not even appropriate and not possible to an extent. So, call tracking is a journey from “where did you get to know about us” to “we will serve you better with this information.”

Who should use call tracking

Well, call tracking is pretty important for everyone. Every business can utilize it for upscaling their business communication. Businesses can utilize this facility for the betterment of their customer experience, hence it is an important facet in delivering faster customer experience. 

Call tracking is a must when it comes to business, growing startups, and small and big enterprises. This feature has the capacity to keep a track of user data that can be measured and fostered in a way that can be useful for the businesses.

This feature majorly exempts the extra manual efforts and time of your agent and customer to process down the information. Hence, it not only saves your team’s time but also helps in delivering better customer experience where each and every customer call can be evaluated in terms of better customer service but also minimizes team’s manual efforts on the same. 

There are no second thoughts in saying that how It is the most prominent way to channelize your business communication. Therefore for the betterment of customer communication, it is the first and foremost requirement to have a call tracking solution. 

Even today, businesses are looking for tools that can generate better value for the end-users. Tools that can simplify customer interaction with the businesses while giving businesses the opportunity to learn more about the user-specific data.  

Customers can also benefit from the features like call tracking as this feature helps them in substantial user-specific information regarding the product. A product can be designed according to the needs of the users or better customer service can be provided according to the geographical location of the customer. 

He/she can choose the language they want to receive the information. Therefore, features like call tracking broaden the horizons of customer communication. It not only helps them in receiving that particular information on time but also saves their extra time and energy on the same. 

How call tracking works

Call tracking is an essential part of business communication. An 800 number or local number is assigned to the customers that have software that tracks the caller’s details such as number, location, time and duration of the call even sometimes the marketing campaign to be more precise about the destination of the call.  

Even marketing campaigns are strategized in a way where every campaign is assigned with a different toll free number. This is a prominent strategy for the easy recognition of the customer and the location and other details. 

So when a customer calls on the Indian free number or virtual number, for instance, it directly tracks down the ad source and geographical location of the customer. Therefore, call tracking solution is a process that is essential for businesses where the first mode of communication is the telephone. Well, the idea itself is not less than revolutionary. 

Call tracking solution allows you to gather the data such as which tracking campaign is generating the maximum data. Hence, making it extremely reliable for businesses to navigate between different campaigns and numbers. Even, it facilitates businesses with the information that which campaign is generating a high amount of lead and conversions. 

Virtual numbers can also be utilized in call tracking where businesses can track down user-specific information related to the name and location of the user, exact time and duration of the call. Hence this makes it more important for businesses who are using virtual numbers as their central system of communication. 

A complete call management system can be really beneficial with call tracking that includes features such as call recording, live call transfer and a well-customized IVR number to address the customers professionally and guiding the customers to different options.  

Types of call tracking

Primary call tracking 

It is the basic functioning of the call tracking solution. It tracks down small metrics including a single campaign or number. It allows the customers to measure one single strand of business communication. 

Campaign-based call tracking 

Call tracking that is based on different campaigns and numbers comes under the purview of campaign-related call tracking. There is this possibility that the brand has multiple conversions throughout the different campaigns. Hence, to manage every campaign, brands assign different numbers to each of the campaigns. Therefore this system is extremely useful when it comes to tracking calls from different sites and campaigns altogether. 

Advance level call tracking 

Now assume you are the business owner and for more sales, you have distributed your toll free number all across different countries. You will never know the country-specific calls without the call tracking solution. It is immensely helpful in consolidating all the searches ever made all across the globe.

Benefits of call tracking 

Measurable ROI

Call tracking, without any doubt, is the most prominent way to measure your user ROI and hence this benefit makes call tracking as a feature more beneficial to the businesses. Measuring ROI is important because it captures the core metric of customer behavior such as, what service they liked the most and what part of the product update they prefer, etc. 

Caller’s Insights

We believe that customer experience is the key to the success of any business communication. Businesses thrive to fill the silo between user-based experience and businesses. Call tracking solution gives meaningful insights on user behavior and the queries which have been generated over the period of time etc. 

Performance review

Every agent’s performance can be evaluated with the help call tracking performance review. Calls can be tracked including the data that how many calls are evaluated and missed and how many have been attended during this process. This, therefore, makes call tracking solution an important tool in proving effective business communication. 

Daily reports and analysis

One of the most prominent features of call tracking solution is that businesses can see the insights on different metrics including call tracked, geographical location and call duration of the customer. Businesses can see detailed reports on MyOperator Live dashboard. It gives a complete picture of your business communication.

Constant review

Call tracking solution is beneficial in terms of analyzing the performance of your team. When businesses know about the customer data such as name, geographical location, number of calls and call duration, teams can be trained in a way that can be beneficial for both the customers and the businesses. 

Quick followups 

Call tracking enables users to take quick follow-ups on the customer calls and making it more effective to have the followups on the time. Hence, call tracking boosts the customer experience,  by providing timely followups and with less customer wait time.

Data on Call Reports

There would be many examples where call reports have played a substantial part in generating the overall analysis of business communication. With the help of MyOperator live dashboard, businesses can use call insights on customer communication with analytical reports.

Offline engagement 

Call tracking enables businesses to measure out offline engagement. Businesses can keep track of offline marketing channels. It’s a lot easier for businesses to keep a track of the destination from where the user has learned about the business or which campaign is doing well in terms of customer outreach. 

Therefore, call tracking as a feature is extremely important when it comes to providing beneficial user-insights for enhancing business communication. It not only gives important information on name, geographical location and, user-call duration but also throws light on the approach of different campaigns that are generating maximum conversions. 

Call tracking solution enables multi-level customer communication and projects the whole lifecycle of customers on phone conversations. It also attributes businesses to project their call tracking data using MyOperator live dashboard to have a bird-eye view on customer communication, thus giving them the opportunity to boost customer satisfaction and bringing more loyal customers into the picture.  

Bringing features like call tracking into the picture can be really essential for both the businesses and the customers as it is the modern-day feature that has the full potential in driving the innovation at every level of business communication. 

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