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Use Of Cloud Telephony For Real Estate Businesses

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Businesses like real estate and property needs a subsequent amount of advertising in order to reach customers and for selling their offers. That is why we often see ads of “Buy/Sell/Rent Houses”  or “Book a 3 BHK flat at a premium location”  around us, be it through newspapers, T.V, brochures or any other form.

In spite of spending huge money in promotional campaigns, property developers and builders do not reap the proportional benefits of the money and effort spent. Why? The reason is simple, loss of leads and business which comes after any particular campaign.


Generally, the advertiser puts multiple numbers in the ads. Then these ads are marketed to a mass chunk of audience via different advertising mediums. Now when the ad caught the attention of a prospective customer, two things happen:

1. The customer called and successfully inquired about his/her query.

2. The customer called on the given numbers and could not speak as the numbers were busy, as when a campaign is launched, published contact numbers are dialed by large number of people.

Now in the first case a call is successfully made and the motive of the campaign is achieved, that is to get leads.

In second case, customers who found all the given contact numbers busy gets irritated and do not want to call again, hence a customer lost. Also, the advertiser has no information of data and leads lost. So the outcome of the campaign or advertisement is not as productive as it should be.

Challenges of property developers and real estate companies do not end here, it further expands, like:

  • For instance company “A” have multiple branches in a city like Delhi. Different agents have different contact numbers. A consumer may now call an agent in Rohini by mistake and want to know about property options in Dwarka. Now the Rohini agent has only one option, providing the number of its Dwarka counterpart. Here, it’s not necessary that customer will call again and if he does, then also it looks unprofessional, takes time and effort and increased operational cost.
  •  Another company “B” has different field agents spread throughout different areas of a city. Now a query comes on the main board line or central number of the company. In this case, company contacts the field executive of the area for which customer has requested, provides the number of the customer to the executive, executive calls customer and then take the process further. Again it’s lengthy, time taking, costly, unprofessional and leaves a bad impression on customers mind.

What is the solution?

The solution is pretty simple, use of technology like cloud call center software. Today with the advancement of technology telephony has came a long way. Cloud telephony has evolved as a major solution which is catering to problems of SME’s and companies in different sectors effectively.

MyOperator, a product by VoiceTree is a call management system on the cloud. It allows a company to effectively track and manage calls. A real estate company can easily use and integrate it to overcome the above mentioned problems, such as :

  • Firstly, using MyOperator companies can promote a single number (toll free number or virtual) instead of multiple numbers. It creates a professional image in front of customers and provides a sense of authenticity.
  • Secondly, using IVR number calls can be routed to several agents at a single or various locations. A customer who will call on the given number will not know whether the call number is busy or not, his call will be simply routed to an executive who is free.
  • Thirdly, the most important thing, one can keep a track of data. Number of calls received, missed, unattended etc can be tracked. This data is important business leads which will lead to conversions of tracked and maintained.
  • Fourthly, as mentioned above, builders and property developers do massive advertising. Calculating cost and ROI of these ad campaigns is always tough. Questions like, a campaign run for a particular state or city for a fixed amount of time has generated how many leads and conversions is mostly unanswered. With MyOpeartor, one can analyse the returns done on these campaigns and promotions. Number of leads received, converted, missed can be easily calculated which gives an idea of conversions with respect to money, time and effort deployed.

The benefits can go on and on, so let me directly highlight few live examples of some real state companies which used MyOperator to enhance their business:

Parivar Real Estates

This real estate group has different field executives located in different areas of NCR. Customers use to call on a central number. The person attending the calls used to record numbers manually. Then field executives of a certain area (where the customer is interested) was called and given the information of the customer. Now this field executive calls customer and asks his concern. Clearly, this was a time consuming task and involved cost of multiple calls.

To simplify the process, company used MyOperator. Numbers of all the field executives are mapped behind the central number. Now, when a customer calls he/she is asked to press 1 or 2 to select an area and the call is diverted to the field agent directly. Customer is on the call whole time while this redirection is done, there is no multiple calling (cost is saved at cos. end) and it takes just few seconds.

Pankaj Bhardwaj, Owner, Parivar group says “MyOperator has been very effective for us, especially for distributing calls. It has improved our conversions by more than 30% as compared to previous times when things were done manually”.

Jindal Real Estate

The builders have different offices in NCR. So the agents at different locations publish different contact numbers for marketing purpose. Now the company was facing a problem where a customer wants to speak to an agent of a specific area and dials the number of the agent of a different area. Now what? Agent used to disconnect the call, pass on the customer lead to the relevant agent at different location which in turn called customer.Blah! Sounds so lengthy in reading, how boring it would be in real?

The company used MyOperator a leading cloud call center solution to create departments based on locations and agents. Now the customer calls one number and simply the call is routed to the relevant agent at a particular location.

So to summarize, MyOperator has helped real estate businesses to distribute calls, automated the whole manual process of call forwarding, saved call forwarding costs, created a professional image and most importantly has helped in keeping track of all the leads.

Use Of Cloud Telephony For Real Estate Businesses
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