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On-Call challenges faced by Sales agents and their solution: Mobile Tracking App

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On-call service is essential for any business that wants to deliver superior customer experience. And, sales agents, the face of every business are the ones that directly deal with each customer call. They have to attend multiple calls, follow up, take important notes, etc. And, handling all these tasks requires a lot of effort.

But, here’s good news for all the agents handling business calls. And, here’s why you’ll agree with me.

The MyOperator mobile app, a call tracking solution helps agents like you track, monitor and analyze each call received, missed and made by you. It also enables you to transfer calls from anywhere, anytime, make timely follow ups and take important notes with just a click.

Listed below are the 4 ways in which you can use the MyOperator mobile app:

1. Transfer calls on the go

Like most agents, have you got a call which is out of your specialization? Or did you have to transfer a call to another agent? Or to transfer a call, did you have to ask your customers to dial again?

According to Accenture, 89% of customers get frustrated because they need to repeat their issues to multiple representatives. This is why you need MyOperator mobile tracking app for its Live Call Transfer feature.

This facility in the MyOperator app is a requisite as it helps you to transfer calls from one extension(user) to another without disconnecting the phone. The customer gets to listen to your “on hold” music while the call is getting transferred to another agent. The lesser you make your callers wait, the more are the chances of better communication with them.

2. Receive calls even when not in office

You know the importance of every call and hence, cannot afford to miss it as missing call means losing customers and lost business opportunity in return.

Statistically it is observed  that,

  • 80% of all business communications take place over the phone
  • Roughly 85% of people whose calls are not answered will not call back
  • More than 60% of unhappy clients will take their business elsewhere.

So are you stuck in office waiting just for a call? Or are you getting scolded for missing business calls because you are on leave? Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for this as well.

With the mobile tracking app, you can carry on with your work outside office as calls can easily be received on your mobile phone irrespective of your geographical location. This will ensure that you are not bound to stay in office waiting for a call. You can also monitor all your business calls on the go to ensure you follow up with your missed call.

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3. Set reminders and improve follow-ups

According to Harvard Business Review, the biggest complaint that customers have when dealing with any business is poor follow up. Customers have to explain their issue again and again and this makes them angry. Therefore, you should make a point to call back the customer to ensure that the problem resolved.

The reminders section in the app exactly serves this purpose. With it, you can set a reminder whenever you have to call back your customers or have important follow-ups to make. Setting reminders therefore, helps in timely follow ups and are a must have if you do not want to lose any customer.

4. To Make Important Notes

While you are on an important business call there are certain things which should be noted down, which the customer tells you. Putting the customer on hold to search for pen-paper, or trying to memorize it can lead to incomplete information being registered.

MyOperator call center software mobile tracking app has such a feature of note making which facilitates you to write down notes during calls itself. This may include customers’ personal information or maybe about their special requirements.


To sum up, a satisfying customer-agent interaction on call is a must for customer retention. Any sales agent looks forward to develop and maintain good customer relation for which the former problems should be resolved at the earliest. MyOperator app is developed as a solution to such challenges faced by the sales executives.

So, time to solve the problems and reduce your burden. Download the app and Happy Talking !

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