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Sales promotion tools: Budget friendly tools to boost your sales

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Every business is grappling to create a brand personality of their own. And like every other business, you must be eyeing for strategies that can help you drive those sales numbers. The real challenge is to fit the budget, isn’t it?

If you’re a small business owner, your priority should be to focus on tasks that can scale your business and not in micromanegerial chores. With automation, it is now simpler (and reasonably priced) than ever. 

There’s no need to do manual tasks anymore like following-up on cold emails, follow up with clients if you missed their calls, and whatnot. The human element of sales can never be replaced- that’s a fact! But to make things easier for you, there are plenty of options when it comes to sales tools. 

What is sales promotion and sales tools?

A sales promotion is a marketing technique that a company uses to generate attention, demand for a product or service by using short-term campaigns.

Sales tools are sales professionals’ apps and software that simplify their work. Sales tools differ in terms of use and area, it includes CRM, sales and marketing information, lead management and prospecting, analysis and reporting, sales training, automation and integration of sales and services.

Making the right decision about what tools should be used guarantees that your staff performs efficiently and effectively and eventually satisfies customers. 

So let’s get started on these sales tools that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Sales promotion tools - Budget friendly tools to boost your sales [Listed by MyOperator]
Sales promotion tools – Budget friendly tools to boost your sales [Listed by MyOperator]

Sales promotion tools: List of budget friendly tools to boost your sales


As they say, “With the right mindset, you can achieve anything”, and just like that the right mind will help you build positive prospects. You can build relationships and turn perspectives into paying customers with the right insight at the right time. FirstRain focuses on the acquisition of relevant information and the development of timely insights to promote growth and sales. It also keeps a track and empowers your customers’ business, social media and financial activities by providing in-depth knowledge and analysis for your team.

Firstrain also offers useful insights related to the sales process using intelligence for businesses to make informed decisions.

  • It allows you to keep a track of activity trends, utilize data visualization, analyze sales processes to make improvements.
  • It identifies crucial information such as market drivers, management changes, and what is trending in the marketing.
  • You can receive real-time notifications related to customers on your screen, mobile or tablet.


The next one to top the list is MyOperator, a cloud-based call management system that comes with power-packed features such as IVR, toll free number, virtual number, and cloud call center solution etc. 

  • With IVR service, your customers never have to wait to get their queries answered nor they have to wait longer to get in touch with an associate and they can reach you anytime.
  • Customers are in need of speed and with MyOperator, you can provide a delightful experience to your customers.
  • Better customer calling experience = better sales. 


Making it to the third rank, InsideView helps your business to identify prospects and gather information through market intelligence. This sales productivity tool helps you in getting useful insights for making better decisions.

  • It helps you and your business to build a list of quality prospects and also follow-up with prospects through getting alerts and notifications.
  • Fortifying relationships across social networks.


This is another sales productivity platform, clari uses data science for guiding sales teams in enhancing their sales process. With clari, your sales team will notice significant change in sales productivity.

  • Your business can get the help of data science and machine learning.
  • With Clari, you can improve team communication and avoid any delays in sales activities.
  • Sales reps can get useful insights on-the-go with mobile notifications.


ZoomInfo is another sales boosting tool which provides useful and actionable insights related to B2B organizations that empowers sales and marketing drive. With the data provided by ZoomInfo, your organization can easily enhance sales campaigns and boost sales. 

  • With ZoomInfo, your business can keep information up to date.
  • Makes it easy for decision makers to analyse and make informed decisions.
  • Get real-time updates related to prospects profiles.


LevelEleven is another sales boosting platform which helps organizations in increasing their sales productivity. This sales tool provides real-time visibility of sales activities and performance. 

You can easily analyze the sales performance and know where you have to make improvements.

  • It builds sales campaigns for your business.
  • Helps in increasing team collaboration and performance.
  • Creates a healthy competition by using leaderboards.
  • Keeps a track of daily, weekly, as well as monthly goals and keeps the team on track.


Not getting the regular feedback from on-field sales reps? Don’t worry, Repsly is a B2B cloud-based call center software for mobile for tracking sales reps’ on-field activities.

  • With Repsly, you can integrate and use forms to get on-field feedback from sales reps.
  • It allows team members to collaborate more effectively and easily through text messages, team announcements, notes.
  • Helps you keep track of on-field sales reps’ activities.


Increase the amount of everyday chats, increase your win rates!

ConnectAndSell speeds up your customer outreach process and overcomes the constraints and traditional dialers, allowing your team to reply to inbound leads in fraction of the time. ConnectAndSell claims to inject a new name on your lead list every few minutes by utilising unique sales enablement technology. 

This is a web-based sales acceleration tool which will help your business in improving communication between sales reps and prospects, also reaching the decision quickly.

  • It transfers the call within one tap without disconnecting it.
  • Get visibility into sales team activities using in-depth metrics.
  • Creates a call list with the help of CRM.
Benefits of Sales Promotional Tools


It’s not feasible to get signatures instantly every time, especially when you are working from home. DocuSign is an e-signature app which helps you to get signatures from clients, prospects, employees and other staff within no time. It enhances productivity by making the process of electronic exchange of documents much faster.

  • It replaces the paper-based process.
  • Allows bulk-sharing of documents at the same time.
  • You can upload a variety of file formats.


Video conferencing has become an essential part of remote working, Skype is a telecommunication tool used for video and voice conferencing. You can use it from computer, laptop, and mobile too using the internet.

  • Collaborate with your team, clients, and prospects via voice, video and chat features.
  • Exchange business documents, files, and images of any size and format.


You no longer need to send hundreds of emails and text messages to schedule a meeting. Calendly is a meeting management tool, enabling you to schedule meetings efficiently and hassle-free. 

  • It allows both inviters and invitees to schedule events.
  • It enables reminder automation for all attendees.
  • It also shows the availability preferences of all team members.


Salesforce is the market leader when it comes to using CRM. This platform is absolutely simple to configure, has a powerful report engine, and various connectors. It also has the ability to sync data across multiple applications that don’t interact directly.

With salesforce, you can your intercom users and sales prospects as well as contacts in sync. This way, sales reps will be able to easily switch between different tools without compromising the customer experience.


Another tool for CRM, pipedrive helps you with their workflow automation function minimise administrative overall costs. Integrate with intercom to synchronise deals, guides and conversations effortlessly to collect and convert leads. 


Here is another CRM solution for you – Keap lets you gather more information from highly converted information from highly converting landing pages, engage prospects with focused messaging and develop tailored forms which will integrate lead information into your website and landing pages. 


Salesloft is another CRM tool for sales acceleration, which enables B2B sales teams to take the lead and complete more transactions. Using email, phone, social, direct mail, WhatsApp API and video, you might automate or customise interactions with buyers to enable customers to get involved in the manner they do. 


If you’re into a B2B organization, then this tool is a must for you. Being a sales expert from B2B requires a deep grasp of every business involved, in particular with regard to the hierarchy of decision makers who authorise acquisitions. Demandbase focuses: 

  • On the niche of the CRM data pull-up solution 
  • Correlate to account data 
  • Enable marketing automation
  • Measure the effect of engagement 
  • Provide insights into the way accounts can best be prioritized using real-time data. 


Lucidchart sales solution is a contemporary account platform that unites your sales force and provides the blueprint for coordinating, communicating and executing sellsing plans in your account. With lucidchart, the sales team can sell and gain more consistency and efficiency.


Account planning is one of the most important aspects of sales and Revegy helps to simplify, automate, scale and monitor account administration operations. While some of the organizations fail to upgrade their sales potential by choosing poor account management techniques, it’s necessary to offer important insights for staff to capture the whole value of client connections across the sales process. 

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you streamline your administration operations, then Revegy is the one for you. Use it to uncover pain areas for customers, detect high value guidelines and optimise business with important accounts. 


Aren’t we all familiar with this app? Since we all started working from home, zoom became a household name for everyone. Zoom not only helps teammates to stay connected but also sales reps to develop rapport and close transactions improves substantially when they can rapidly acquire meaningful face time with prospects via video calls. The app has grown to provide more than simply video conferencing. From online meetings with remote teams, chat, mobile communications for sales people on the road, to even webinars are all possible with just one app.


With BrainShark, you can increase productivity and keep your sales staff sharp with superior training and top-notch coaching materials to increase productivity and sell out. Use Brainshark to build training paths on demand to speed up your learning experience from onboard through leadership. Validate the sales preparation of your team and supply them with appropriate material that you can access at all times.

Adobe Sign

Don’t wait just to get those signatures from your client! 

Keep your sales staff sharp with superior training and coaching materials to increase productivity and sell out. You can use BrainShark to create on-demand training courses to accelerate their learning journey from onboarding through leadership. Validate your sales team’s capabilities and provide them with relevant material that they can access at any time.


Here is another app for you to get signatures done even when you’re working remotely. If you want to speed up your contract discussion and signing process then Hellosign is the sales tool for you. HelloSign digitizes all your documentation and stores it in the cloud with a simple, clean, and user-friendly interface. It can be tailored to your workflow and linked with your CRM, email platform, and other sales-related company tools.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM was designed from the ground up to be future-ready. Whereas other systems are difficult and laborious. It takes care of each and every tiniest detail- from tracking emails, recording conversations, to maintaining your data- freeing up important selling time in the whole process. HubSpot has been ranked as one of the top CRMs software solutions as it comes with a free plan that is ideal for startups and small businesses.


The word itself is pretty explanatory, isn’t it? 

Videolicious is specifically designed for selling, allowing marketers and sales professionals to quickly and easily produce, edit, and share captivating films with consumers at every stage of the sales process. By piqueing the attention of existing accounts, you may open the door to new prospects. 


Want to send a professional email to an organisation or contact them in a professional manner?

Finding people’s genuine email addresses is one of the difficult tasks, but worry not, ContactOut makes it a lot simpler. The main feature of this sales tool is a chrome plugin that finds your prospect’s email address while you’re looking at their Linkedin profiles. 


EmailAnalytics links your Gmail and G-suite account and keeps a track of yours and your team’s email activity. This allows the sales team, customer support team and the whole organisation to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as average email response time, day-to-day email and much more.


Leadfeeder maintains your pipeline through the identification of firms who use your material favourably. Leedfeeder identifies companies that are interested in your brand and which individual items appear to provide answers to their challenges while evaluating website traffic. With the help of this information, sales teams may then move forward from the appropriate angle and in the right spot, as a result, improving the winning level considerably.


Bloobirds helps your team to run through their pipeline to make sales more intuitive to eliminate sales representatives and managers’ administrative tasks. All while gathering important insights without relying on well-known salesmen to fill the CRM. You can drag and drop your sales playbook onto its user-friendly platform to watch outcomes in qualifying sales prospects improve and it also assists your sales and prospecting team at all stages and helps executives decide better.


It’s one of the most interesting sales tools ever, supposingly you start a discussion in your email address, you can continue the conversation via chat when the sales prospect visits your website. Drift allows sales teams to connect email to chat on site, transmit tailored messages and sequences across platforms. It also leverages bottlenecks to rapidly qualify website visitors and take them to the appropriate person to start an online sales discussion.

Now, put these sales promotion tools to work! 

When your business starts growing, there comes a lot of documentation, emails, contacts, and messages and everything gets a bit hectic to manage. Especially building a scalable sales process and meeting those sales goals can become a challenge without a good sales engagement platform and the best of sales automation tools by your side. Business apps and tools enable you to smoothen the process and increase productivity. Above are some of the budget-friendly business tools that your organization can make use of to streamline the business process. Now, put these sales promotion tools to work and get ready to rock your business growth!

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