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11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]

Best Online Sales Courses
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Being a salesperson means working in dynamic surroundings where things keep changing every now and then. Some days your classic trick might hit the right chords, while the other days might give you duds. Being a salesperson means learning new things every single day. Every customer you talk to is different in their own way and you already know the drill. Some might teach you things that will help you throughout your life in your profession.

Beyond experiential learning, there is always a need for brands and people to take well-planned steps to continuously upgrade their skills and stay competitive in the market. That’s why smart companies now make sure to have proper learning processes with either an in-house tutoring management system managed by L&D team or team subscriptions to learning websites like Udemy and Coursera to help their employees keep their skills up to date and upgrade.

If you are a salesperson then you might be always looking out for opportunities to learn and acquire sales techniques and customer persuasion skills. However, finding the right opportunity for yourself as an individual can be a task. To help you with it, we have put together a list of sales courses that will help you in learning new selling skills. 

Why is it important to do sales courses? 

Sales as a profession require a lot of practical work. You expected to be a  one-man-fits-all guy to be a thriving salesperson. Also, you need to understand the psyche of your potential buyers and communicate with them accordingly to keep them happy. Enrolling in the right sales course will help you gleam through the haze and gain a more insightful perspective on the art of selling and get a certificate to showcase your sales skills!  

How will online sales courses help you? 

  • There are no limitations, you can learn anywhere and anytime also E-learning takes 40-60% less time than traditional learning. 
  • Online courses are usually precise and thus you can gain new skills in less than a week. Furthermore, they add value to your resume. 
  • Increases your productivity. When you learn new skills you also learn new tactics that can help you work better, eventually increasing your productivity. 
  • They help you in coping up with the changing surroundings and mold your sales methodologies accordingly. They push you to gain a new perspective and that is exactly why companies spend around 20 billion dollars a year on sales training.  
  • They teach your sales management and administrative work that follows before and after a sales call. 
  • They teach you the effective way of prospecting, then acquiring a  client, and how to keep them. 
  • The online sales management courses add a motivational factor to your life by pushing your limits and giving you opportunities. Most of these courses also provide you with hands-on experience. 

11 Best Sales Courses Online To Upgrade Your Sales Skills

Sales discovery training- LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning course that will give you a detailed outline of sales revelation. Understudies will find out with regards to the job that business disclosure plays as far as the higher perspective, and how to get the ball rolling on the right foot with possible leads and new clients. 

A portion of the numerous illustrations educated in this on-request video courses remembers subjects for sales revelation, phrasing, follow-up call planning, how to make connections with conversations, with regards to your leads, finding out dynamic endorsement measures, arrangement planning, recapping objectives, and needs. 

When complete, this course should assist you with feeling certain about your job as a business expert and encourage you to pay attention to your instinct with regards to prospecting new leads! 

Likewise, being facilitated on LinkedIn Learning, new learners can get to all class materials, a 1-month free preliminary, and a declaration of fruition! 

Other details: 

  • 1-month free trial
  • Certificate of completion is awarded
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]

Sales certification- Sandler

The Sandler sales course is appropriate for sales experts and leaders who need to develop their deals with interesting methodologies, this educational sales course will give you all that you need to turn into a sales expert. Presented by Sandler Training Institute, this viable educational plan will take you through a stride-by-step cycle to become familiar with the focal strategies of sales.

You’ll get mindfulness and information about the parts of sales in an organization, undertaking, or industry while having a downplaying of sales ideas. The educational program is covered with remarkable case contemplates, pragmatic meetings, tests, and reviewed tasks towards the end of every meeting to assist you with testing your insight.

  • Teaches you how to put simple language to use to understand buyer personas, behaviors, and techniques that you need to become successful as a salesperson. 
  • Teaches you about different concepts of sales and also the important stages of pitching to your customer.
  • Teaches you sustainable skills that can be put to use regardless of what the situation is. 

Other details:

  • The course is paid.
  • A certificate of completion is awarded.  
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]

Sales course (how to close more deals)- Udemy 

Bringing a deal to a close is apparently the main piece of the whole sales activity! However, it isn’t in every case simple to get the client/purchaser to give you that slippery “yes”, which is by and large what this course plans to accomplish! 

In this Udemy sales certification course, understudies will get you familiar with the contrast between offering results and offering worth and how to should move towards the two. Moreover, there are examples of conviction, validness, and building trust which are largely fundamental to bringing more deals to a close. 

The illustrations in this course are joined by tests and activities so you can begin to prepare your mind to apply what you are learning in the classes. Furthermore, not to stress, this course is absolutely reasonable for fledglings who are simply getting everything rolling in the field – truth be told, it’s a superb spot for beginners to know everything about sales.  

Other details:

  • Paid online sales course (affordable prices)
  • Certificate of completion included 
  • Full-time access to the course
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]

Building sales career- Coursera

Next on the rundown is a complete 8-hour course curated by Coursera and Hubspot which is cooked for those hoping to build a career in sales training. 

The course is separated into two modules

  • Fabricating your business vocation  
  • selling with a consultative attitude

and will require around six and four hours to work through each one of them. In the principal module, you will find out with regards to why you ought to consider a profession in sales and how to continue once you find the right business for you to work. 

Module two emphasizes intensely on inbound sales/taking on while also covering how to characterize a “solid match” prospect, how to begin and end exploratory calls, how to write a customized script, how to help the customer settle on a particular product, and a lot more about sales in detail.

This is probably one of the best courses of 2024 that not only gives you in-depth knowledge but also a lot of validation as you have been certified by Coursera. 

Other details: 

  • Offers flexible deadlines at your convenience
  • Certificate of completion
  • Its the first course in a series of 4 
  • Takes only 10 hours to complete
  • Ideal for beginners as well
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]

Sales interaction and successful Negotiation Course- Coursera

Presented along with the University of Michigan, this complete Sales Negotiation course will assist you with understanding the 4 different stages of negotiating with the customers. You will figure out how to design your negotiation strategies, utilize basic techniques for progress, make an agreement, and assess your interaction methodology. 

The educational program covers a portion of the fundamental subjects on interaction and negotiation, including how to curate an effective negotiation technique, utilizing expert tips and tricks for sales calls, and eventually how to land a client with a great deal. After you will be done with all the lessons, you will have to go through evaluated tasks, tests, useful activities, and other genuine guides to further develop your general learning experience. Also, you’ll get committed help from specialists all through the classes. 

  • Helps you in becoming a successful negotiator both as a salesperson as well as in your personal life. 
  • Makes you learn how to build negotiation analysis and then utilize it for making negotiation strategies and acquiring skills. 
  • Gives access to several negotiation planning tools

Other details: 

  • Takes approximately 17 hours to complete.
  • The certificate of completion is given 
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]

Inbound Sales Course- HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the main e-learning platforms that offer various courses and discussions on sales. This inbound sales professional course is additionally one of the first-class courses that will assist you with learning the essential ingredients when it comes to inbound sales. It is obviously intended for individual salesmen who need noteworthy hints for their next meeting or conference.

It comprises five learning modules that emphasize exclusive sales regions, like Inbound Sales Fundamentals, Earning the Attention of Today’s Empowered Buyers, Understanding the Buyer’s Context, and Delivering Sales Presentations. I am sure that after you will be done with this sales certification course, you’ll have a strong comprehension of inbound sales procedures to develop your profession.

  • This course will provide you with fundamental knowledge of inbound sales. 
  • Learn to find new prospects and how to convert them as your client. 

Other details: 

  • Free of cost course
  • Get a certificate of completion 
  • Precise yet detailed course 
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]

Mastering sales- Kellogg school of management 

This Mastering Sales functional program is one of the best courses for sales. This sales course is for the salespersons who need to close deals through information, abilities, and discipline. This sales course is a phenomenal choice for you. Taking up this useful prospectus will empower you to learn set up strategies for being a functional sales leader.

It is intended for project supervisors, business people, business pioneers, and experts who need to make an equal vocation shift into sales from any other utilitarian job. The program contains five live meetings with Craig Wortmann, 30+ apparatuses for your business pack, peer learning, and constructive feedback sessions. Also, you’ll get committed program support from a group of specialists all through the classes. 

Other details: 

  • Paid course 
  • Duration 5 months- 15-20 hours a week
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]

Master Negotiation and influence- MIT executive education

Curated by the talented experts of MIT Executive Education, this far-reaching outline course for sales professionals is coordinated to assist you with accomplishing reasonable negotiation abilities while investigating your qualities and shortcomings. In these functional meetings, you’ll figure out how to haggle effectively with available correspondence while acquiring the upper hand in accomplishing business goals. 

It includes numerous learning modules to assist you with covering different subjects like distributive dealing, standards around culture and morals, mental boundaries, and so forth Besides, you’ll foster a strong comprehension of ZOPA(Zone Of Possible Agreement), central focuses, BATNAs (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement), standard blunders, reservation cost, and different sorts of negotiation tactics utilized by proficient mediators during the classes. You’ll acquire an expert identification of accomplishment on achieving the whole prospectus. 

Other details: 

  • Paid Program
  • Duration 10 weeks: 4-5 hours per week 
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]
11 Best Online Sales Courses To Upgrade Your Selling Skills [Free + Paid]

Professional Salesperson program- National association of sales professionals 

People keen on expanding their business and establishing a long-term connection with their clients can gain so much from this online sales course educational plan. Offered by the National Association of Sales, this program will assist you with changing your method of moving towards sales and attending a meet. It is one of the best courses for sales managers, CEOs, and people keen on choosing sales as their profession. During this long end-of-the-week learning program, you’ll learn real-time methodologies, day-by-day molding, and practicals are conducted to assist you with enduring progress. I

Public speaking- Dale Carnegie 

Dale Carnegie is an exceptionally powerful figure, and he discovered his prosperity by figuring out how to make himself clear briefly and convincingly. Anybody working in any way can profit from figuring out how to impart the information effectively. For this purpose, one also needs to know about public speaking. 

As a salesman, you should have a balanced arrangement of abilities and you would prefer not to be one of those individuals that consider the public to be their kryptonite. On those events that expect you to make a show to possible customers or a manager, you need to feel quiet, cool, and gathered. 

This course will show you how to get ready for your show by pondering your crowd and planning out the things you will say. You’ll likewise get tips on the most proficient method to utilize your voice and body language to truly have an effect and present with style!

Introduction to Negotiation- Yale University (Coursera)

Planned by Yale University experts, this hands-on program can assist you with improving as an effective negotiator. It will give you a learning system zeroed in on showing you how to suggest principled cases to convince others while investigating and forming exchanges. You’ll get various chances to negotiate with other students and learn from the real-life examples in the class itself.

The sales course is furnished with descriptive video lectures, reviewed tests, tasks, practical tests, and different undertakings to give a superior learning experience. By the end of this course, you will be a confident individual and an even more confident negotiator. 

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