50 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Wake up, brace yourself for a shedload of human interactions, convince people to buy a product, and sleep just to wake up the next day. And the vicious loop continues. No doubt that your employees chose their work profile as per their interest. 

And indeed, they were aware of what they were getting themselves into. But you can also get bored of the things you love and especially your job. The sales field is very exciting and thrilling but extremely challenging and demanding at the same time. 

The stress of improving sales and the frustration of rejection is a part of the everyday life of a salesperson. Sometimes this stress and frustration amalgamate into a huge static block of demotivation. Demotivation is deadly as it affects the performance of the salesperson eventually, making your business growth stagnant. Well, you can neither afford to lose an incredible and highly capable sales employee nor can you let your business get affected. Here is a few sales motivation quote that you should use to motivate your sales team. If you want to help your sales team get through tough times then you should swear by the motivation tips given below. 

  1. Give CONSTANT SUPPORT to your sales team regardless of the situation. Your support matters! You have no idea what your support can do for your sales team. If you support your sales team they will feel validated and it will give a boost to their self-esteem. These things will eventually club together to motivate your salespersons.
  2. Give VALUABLE FEEDBACK to your team without patronizing any team member. While giving feedback always be polite so that your employees do not feel inferior and get demotivated rather than motivated. 
  3. SALES SALES SALES! You do not have to be at the head of your team all the time. Your sales team knows what it is doing. Give calculated, attainable, and practical targets to your sales team. This way the growth would be steady but constant. 
  4. Next sales motivation quote is, be a boss but NOT BOSSY. 
  5. PUSH your sales team to do better but not too much. Pushing too hard can backfire and make your sales team feel pressured. That will impact their performance and eventually affect your business. 
  6. Give SHORT BREAKS to your sales team members in between customer calls. It is practically impossible for someone to keep working and taking calls all the time. 
  7. Be UNDERSTANDING and CONSIDERATE. Not all days are good days. If you will understand this you will be able to relate with your sales team better.
  8. Make your sales team members feel VALUED. Make them feel that they are an asset to the company. Small acts like patting backs or telling your salesperson that they are going well will instantly motivate them. This will also make them feel valued and they will feel that they have an important place in the company.
  9. HELP and GUIDE your team whenever needed and asked for. Sometimes, your sales team will ask for your help on their own but on other days they might not. You have to be vigilant and see if your sales team needs you. Your unasked attention will have a positive impact on your sales team and will motivate them. 
  10. DO NOT I repeat  DO NOT NEGLECT your team’s everyday efforts. It is these routine and consistent efforts that yield positive results. 
  11. Make sure no one in your sales team feels left out. 
  12. Always remember POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT is the key to success. 
  13. REWARD your sales team members even on small achievements because these small achievements amalgamate into bigger and better results.
  14. Make your sales team learn that nothing is impossible. Stand by them and make things possible whenever needed. 
  15. ENCOURAGE them to opt for new ways, implement new strategies, and use new tactics without apprehension. 
  16. Establish TRUST and FAITH. Become your sales team’s go-to person both on good and bad days.    
  17. Help your sales team members become fearless. Tell them if something is risky and scary then it is always worth it in the end. 
  18. Tell them IT’S NEVER TOO LATE and motivate them to start afresh every time they feel stuck. 
  19. Crossing hurdles would be easier for your sales team if they will have you to cheer for them. Be there for your team and appreciate the efforts they make. 
  20. Tell your sales team members to not be afraid of rejection. Not every client is the same and all of them have different needs. 
  21. Tell them to FOCUS ON IMPROVING and acquiring new skills. 
  22. Ask them to TAKE CHANCES and go for new opportunities and goals even if they seem unattainable. 
  23. The growth of your sales team members is in your hands. You must motivate them to work on their skills beyond office hours as well. 
  24. Tell them that buyers are buying products because of them. They are doing business with them and not with the brand or its technology. 
  25. Let your sales team members know that it is their efforts that are keeping the company afloat and helping the company to grow. 
  26. Lead by example. Be an idol your sales team members can look up to. 
  27. Make your team members feel like a part of the family. Make them feel they are important to the company. 
  28. EMOTIONS should be kept above everything else. Make sure you do not hurt anybody’s sentiments while focusing on sales too much. 
  29. SCOLD over mistakes but guide and show the right path too. 
  30. Tell them to never give up. Because quitting and giving up is what stops us from succeeding. 
  31. MOTIVATE your sales team REGULARLY because sales is a challenging job and it requires a lot of motivation to give their best every single day. Motivation wears off real fast and it is your job to keep restoring it for your sales team. 
  32. Tell them that sales are the most important aspect of the company. Motivate them to EXPERIMENT and help in the growth of company sales. Giving freedom to your sales team can turn out to be miraculous. Freedom of creativity and experimenting acts as a motivational factor as the employee tends to enjoy their work better. 
  33. Some days make your sales team members feel less loaded with work by engaging with them in fun activities. 
  34. Having occasional FUN TIMES is crucial for every business and company. These times act as a huge motivational factor. 
  35. COMMUNICATE with your sales team to get along with them, know them better, and understand them better. Communication is the key to all the locks. You should be clear about what you are looking for from your sales team. This will keep them motivated to attain the goal. On the other hand, unclear communication and ambiguous goals demotivate your sales team and make them torpid.
  36. Forming PERSONAL BONDS with your sales team members will give you an insight into them and help you understand which team member needs what at a certain point. 
  37. This is by far the easiest sales motivation quote that you can utilize. Try to keep a check on important days of your sales team members like their birthdays and work anniversaries. It gives them a sense of belongingness and motivates them to work for a company like their own. 
  38.  Make your sales team member feel head. LISTEN to their suggestion and implement it if you feel it’s a good initiative or if not then why exactly you cannot put this suggestion to use. 
  39. Always counter with LOGIC. Using your superiority to get something done will demotivate your sales team and make them apprehensive about you. 
  40. Hold REGULAR DISCUSSIONS. Listen to the problems being faced by your sales team and try to find out solutions for the same together. 
  41. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM goes a long way. Firstly, it is a polite way of giving feedback. Secondly, it does not make the receiver feel bad or less in any way. Thirdly, it motivates them to do better as constructive criticism gives them an insight into where they are lacking. 
  42. Always ASK for OPINIONS and suggestions from your sales team. 
  43. This sales motivation quote is easy to understand yet very crucial to implement. Try to understand the requirements of your sales team and put effort into fulfilling them. 
  44. Tell them if they fail, then that is not the end of the world. They should take it as a lesson and move on to work better in the next opportunity. 
  45. Give PUBLIC ACKNOWLEDGMENT and appreciation to your sales team. Public appreciation motivates everyone. 
  46. Be FLEXIBLE and open to CHANGES. You never know, sometimes your employees might give you better suggestions. Furthermore, it motivates them to come up with new suggestions and perform better. 
  47. Tell them that their effort and hard work are what matters and they would never go futile. 
  48. Stay positive yourself. Your optimism will reflect on your team members too and help them to stay positive and give their best performance under any circumstance. 
  49. Tell your sales team members that they are doing enough but they need to keep improving to enhance their own skills and for personal growth. 
  50. Be a LEADER who works with his team and not a BOSS who lingers over employees’ heads. There is no better sales motivation quote that this one.

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