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Reporting your Business Calls: Subscribe for MyOperator Account Reports

Subscribe for your Business Call Reports
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When we claim that MyOperator is a complete call management system for your business, we mean it.Our toll-free number, IVR services, and cloud call center solution make it easy to manage business calls 24*7, serving as the gateway to your business’ success. This is because the way your business calls are handled counts in ranking your business communication.

Previously, we had talked about the new dashboard with an improved look and a lot more information. The new interface of the dashboard provides you information about:

  • Department-wise calls
  • User-wise calls
  • Call traffic

The dashboard is an abridged version of your overall business calls. It reports the realtime performance of your our business calls.

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Have you ever wanted to get these data of your business calls automatically delivered to your email and SMS inbox on a regular basis? Well, here’s your chance to make it possible with MyOperator Report Subscription.

MyOperator Reports give you the complete analysis of your business calls, with lots of time-specific and call-type filters. These filters include:

  • the data of both incoming and outgoing calls, which is further segregated into missed and connected calls.
  • the option to choose from multiple time slots. For instance, you can view the calls of last week, this week or this month.

To help you analyse and keep a track of all your business calls, the MyOperator account reports can be viewed in your SMS and email inboxes. These reports which you subscribe for, shall be on a recurring basis.

Account reports are easy to get. All you need to do is this:

1. Click on the “Subscribe” button in blue.

Subscribe for your Business Call Account Reports

2. Select the names for Email and SMS reports- the reports shall be delivered to the email address(es) and phone number(s) of the names you have entered. Also, set a time slot for receiving reports and “Save.

Subscribe for your Business Call Account Reports

Subscribing for reports is accessible to admins only. The subscription delivery times are based on schedules defined by an admin on the server. That way administrators can manage the workload on the server by balancing the interactive workload with the background processing of the subscriptions.

Subscribe for reports here.

Subscribe for your Business Call Reports

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