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SMS Remarketing : 5 major reasons to increase conversions

SMS Remarketing 5 major reasons to increase conversions
MyOperator / Blog / SMS Remarketing : 5 major reasons to increase conversions

SMS and Remarketing…umm sounds weird? Well, I don’t think it does. We usually read about various articles on how SMS marketing bring new leads to an organization. But, did you know that the same SMSes could be utilized for the use of Remarketing?

With the increased usage of mobile phones in India, the marketing strategies have changed. The promotional SMSes have been favorited by mostly by all the mobile users.

But, if we talk about the process of marketing via SMSes, then it doesn’t end there. Marketing is basically introduction of a product to its target audience. But the real process is Remarketing. How?

Companies adopt various marketing techniques to reach out to the customers but such techniques are successful only when they are able to create a positive impression in the minds of the people. Out of those people, there are only few who actually are impressed by those promotional activities and convert into real sales. Similarly, some may also show interest in a similar manner but they may not convert. What to do next?

Where SMSes are the best way to promote your product but at the same time such SMS marketing techniques can be used for the purpose of remarketing.

If you are planning to use SMS for remarketing, then this article is talking to you.

Here are the list of 5 reasons which will tell you that SMS remarketing will get you more conversions :

  1. Easy to read : Remarketing is a process in which you retarget the customers, those who have shown interest earlier in your product. Remarketing is a way by which you reconnect and pitch in efforts to make your customers understand your product again and again and this can be done either by someone calling from your office such as your salesperson. But there’s a problem with this! Sometimes a salesperson might not be  good with a particular language. For example, if a salesperson calls you and you are not comfortable talking in hindi and at the same time the salesperson is comfortable in hindi and no other language, then there is a chance of communication discrepancy and problems of communicating the message well, emerges. Therefore, here comes the advantage of an SMS. Firstly, SMSes are in the written form, thus even if you miss out something on the verbal communication, an SMS won’t let you miss it as it’s there in the form of a text. Also, have you noticed that SMSes follow “Hinglish” in their texts? I hope you got the idea! The texts in an SMS can be modified to reach out the customers in according to the language they choose.

  1. Less annoying  : Customers really don’t appreciate those automated responses from companies. For example, do you receive those outbound IVR calls from your cellular network provider stating there offers. Surveys have found that 60% of the customers are frustrated with such automated responses. On the other hand, SMSes don’t really annoy the customers, instead customers prefer texting instead of listening to someone over the phone. Also, 77% of consumers with texting capabilities are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers text capability. Therefore, if we talk in terms of remarketing, SMSes are more likeable in the sense that if a person wants to know about your business again s/he shall read the message that you have sent on behalf of your company or else they won’t. At least, they won’t receive a negative impression of getting annoyed.

  1. Stays for sometime : The next biggest advantage of a text message is that, it stays in your mobile phone for sometime, which means the value of a text message doesn’t end with a verbal communication. Customers may forget what you have mentioned verbally over a telephone, but SMSes aren’t like that. Since, they are in written format, therefore, customers can recheck the messages if they are interested. Otherwise, they’ll just open it, read it and delete. Simple!

  1. Send as many offers as possible : 81% of the customers have accepted the fact that talking over the phone is much more annoying than reading a text message. As already mentioned, earlier that Remarketing’s main aim is to convince your customer that your product/ service has that “value” and for that very reason, you need to make sure that your clients are listening to what you are saying. Therefore, in such a situation, an SMS is far better than calling someone ample number of times. You can send various new offers via SMS to promote your new product or service or give details about discount offers to your existing product. Remember those automated text messages you receive from your mobile network providers stating various offers about their services. These are helpful as it educate your customers even if they aren’t interested.

  1. Can unsubscribe : Though, phone numbers can be blocked from calling, but how many numbers are you planning to block? – This is what a customer suffers from, when you call them and they aren’t really interested in your service anymore!

Since remarketing is a continuous effort to bring back your old customers, only calling up each customer is a bad option. On the other hand, when remarketing is done via SMS, it usually tell you the actual number of people who is willing to do business with you. Here how it is done : When you receive messages from a company, you usually get an “Opt out” option with the message. This helps you to unsubscribe, meaning, you won’t receive any messages from that particular company in the future. Similarly, customers also go for this unsubscribe process once they are done listening to what you as a company have to say, thereby making companies aware of the wrong audience they have targeted.

Remarketing involves costs, and for minimizing the expenses of these marketing campaigns, SMS remarketing can be an optimal choice! Are you ready for it? MyOperator App offers comprehensive solutions, including call center software and cloud call center services, to enhance your marketing efforts. In addition to SMS remarketing campaigns, our platform empowers you with versatile tools for efficient communication. For more details, check here.For more details, check here.

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