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Benefits of missed call solution that you never knew existed

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Having a business means staying on your toes at all times. Be it asking for reviews, or fetching prospective clients as an owner you and your team have to run behind them. However, the situation can be changed with the use of missed call solutions. Not many are aware but the missed call fix is beneficial not just for you and your team but also for all your customers and prospects. It is readily being opted by business owners and customers prefer them too and here’s why. Discover the benefits of missed call solution that you never thought existed: 

Save time

No customer likes to fill huge forms before opting for a service or product. They all want to get facilities as soon as possible without much effort. Rather than making your customers fill long forms, you can simply ask them to give you a ring on your number with a missed call feature. Later you can connect with them and explain to them everything they need to know. 

Missed call solution saves you from losing a prospective customer who might not have filled your form or was unable to connect with your agent. What’s better than saving time as well as making your customer happy simultaneously? 

Verified customers only 

Being fooled and deceived by a customer not only causes you a financial loss but also breaks your spirit. There would be many who would make fraud calls and try looting you or there would be some who would approach your business and trouble your agents just for fun. No business would want to be in any of these situations. To avoid these circumstances you must have missed call solution for your business. 

Because of missed call solution, you will be able to verify the details of the caller and see if they are authentic or not. Missed call solution has smart algorithms that will filter the calls as soon as they receive the customer details and you can save yourself from getting robbed. Get authentic customers only!

Generate leads

Oh well, I am sure you did not see this coming. But let me tell you, giving your customers an option to give you a missed call and get all the details about your products and services will significantly increase the number of queries for your product. 

There is nothing better than getting leads organically and the missed call solution makes that happen. By offering missed call solution you will observe that there has been a drastic increase in the number of calls you receive in a day. Furthermore, leads generated from missed call solutions are mostly genuine as only interested consumers will bother to call a brand. This also helps in avoiding junk leads and gain more genuine ones. Quality over quantity always!

Conduct surveys

The world of surveys can be completely evolved with the help of missed call solution. All you need to do is ask your customer to give you a ring. Your customers will also love to participate in surveys as they are easy to respond to. You can regularly conduct such surveys to get reviews and feedback as well. 

Surveys are a way to know your customers’ preferences and what they desire from your brand. Conducting surveys will make your customers feel valued and heard and I affirm your customers would be glad to engage. Moreover, you will be able to utilize the survey results to improve your services and offer the best to your customers. Hence, use smart tools to have a flourishing business.

SMS confirmation

Every time a customer makes an issued call at your missed call solution number they are eager to get a call back from your business. Do you want those customers to keep waiting for your call and later get disappointed if the call is delayed? I’m definite you wouldn’t want that as it will harm your business’s reputation and you might lose a probable customer. 

The solution to this problem is provided by MyOperator’s cloud call center software, including their missed call solution. Our missed call service comes with a feature of SMS confirmation as well. That means as soon as your customer will give you a missed call they will receive a text message from your brand. This SMS would confirm that your business has received their call and you will reach out to them. This confirmation will give an assurance to the caller that they can expect a call from your business.

Worth the price 

As per the benefits of missed call solution, it might seem that it must be too expensive and you probably cannot afford it for your business. Let me break it to you, it is actually the opposite – the missed call service is rather affordable. It is not only inexpensive it also helps in cutting down extra calling costs in the long run. Moreover, running a missed call campaign will not even cost you pennies. As missed call service is beneficial to your customers as well they are more likely to opt for your service first there is nothing to limit them. If you are still worried about the cost efficiency of missed call solutions then you can get in touch with MyOperator an IVR service provider to know more about the same as well as choose the missed call service package that best fits your budget as well as fulfills your needs. 

Want more calls? Combine missed call solution with Toll-free number

The combination of missed call solution and a toll-free number is cherry on top for your business. Toll-free numbers are those on which a customer can call anytime and anywhere absolutely free. A toll-free number is a perfect choice for any business because after all who isn’t a fan of freebies. Clubbing Toll-free with missed call solution means more business inquiries. 

As calling on a toll-free number requires no minimum balance, combining this feature with missed call solution will equip your customers to call you for free and can get in touch with you even if they do not have the minimum required balance. This way you’re facilitating your customers to the maximum possible extent. This establishes your brand as a faithful and caring brand. This also builds your customers’ trust in your brand and makes them loyal to you. 

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