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How Lenskart increased its store visits over a Missed call

How Lenskart with the help of MyOperator increased its revenue during the IPL
MyOperator / Blog / How Lenskart increased its store visits over a Missed call

What if you found out that one of your favourite brand was just a walk away? I bet you would rush to the store by the same day without thinking twice. However, not all of us are aware about the nearest locations of our favourite stores. Which, is why businesses are always on the lookout to find new ways to increase the number of their store visits. One such example is Lenskart.

Lenskart found that many of their potential users did not have prior information about nearby stores and discounts, that were available. So to solve this problem, they introduced a new channel in addition to their already existing online and offline channels called “Missed call number”.

The entire campaign was made very simple for potential Lenskart users. However, to ensure that each customer got the right location of the nearest store, Lenskart required sophisticated tools and algorithm at the backend.

And, just like every successful campaign Lenskart had to set many things right. This included the right time, right number and right tool.

Right Time: Indian Premier League (IPL)

To ensure that all the hard work you put into creating the perfect marketing plan pays off, you need to implement your marketing campaigns at the right time and at the right place. This is exactly what Lenskart did. They chose to advertise their toll free number 1800-111-111 during the IPL on the “Hotstar App”.

The idea behind choosing the IPL was simple. They wanted to reach out to a large audience and increase the number of their store visits. And, what could be better than the IPL that has a viewership of more than 335 million?

So here’s what Lenskart did. They chose to display their advertisement along with their toll free number on the Hotstar app every time a batsman scored a boundary. All that interested customers now had to do was give Lenskart a missed call on their advertised number. An SMS comprising the location of nearest Lenskart stores and additional information such as discounts and offers would then be sent to all these potential Lenskart users.

Right Number:  1800-111-111

Choosing the right number is as important as choosing the right time to display your ads. Because, if your number is hard to remember, the chances of you receiving many phone calls is rare.

Lenskart aware of this fact knew that they would only be able to attract potential customers only if they chose a number that was eye catchy, easy to remember and unique. Lenskart’s premium number: 1800-111-111 exactly met these requirements.

As a result Lenskart were able to increase the number of potential calls to approximately 6 lakhs within a span of just three months. This goes on to show that when marketing campaigns are carried out on such a large scale, having the right number is crucial for your campaign’s success.

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Right tool: Missed Call

Another important element that is necessary for the success of a campaign is having the right tool. A large audience will reach out to you only when you simplify the process through which they can contact you. Which is why, Lenskart chose “Missed Call” services.

The entire process for the customers was made as simple as possible. The interested users were only required to give Lenskart a missed call on their advertised number. And they would be instantly notified about nearby lenskart stores and various discounts that were available.

However, to ensure that they attended to all their missed calls Lenskart had to keep a track of each customer call. Since, this campaign was executed on such a large scale, managing and tracking each call detail manually would be cumbersome. Therefore, Lenskart chose MyOperator.

Role of MyOperator

“MyOperator’s call tracking solution played a crucial role in helping us execute our marketing strategies and grow our customer base during the IPL”, said Amit Chaudhary, COO, Lenskart.

With MyOperator’s advanced cloud telephony services Lenskart was able to track the detail of each missed call during and after working hours. They got a complete database of their daily call traffic and logs all at one place. This ensured that they had a record of the call details of all the customers that gave them a missed call.

They could further use this database in their marketing campaigns to target customers of specific locations. That is they could implement location based targeting to inform potential users about Lenskart offers and nearby stores.

In fact, they could start their new marketing campaigns by targeting states from which they received most enquires. And, as per the IPL stats these include Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka and  Rajasthan. Also, to expand their reach they could increase their marketing budget for the days on which they received maximum customer calls i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

Thus, using a simple tool like “Missed call” at the right time and right place helped Lenskart increase the number of customer inquiries to approximately 6,00,000 in just three months. Infact, the average number of calls Lenskart received per day during the IPL was 6000 as compared to 800 calls prior and post the IPL. Their IPL campaign also helped them in improving the frequency of their store visits and create a database for future campaigns.

Do you want to increase your store visits and customer enquires just like Lenskart did?

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