About SkillBee

SkillBee is a prominent recruitment platform offering job vacancies across Gulf, Europe, Canada, and Australia, spanning over 50+ categories. Offering a hassle-free and cost-effective hiring process, including online screening, verification, and documentation support, SkillBee also assists employers in visa processing, travel arrangements, and onboarding for the hired workforce.

Problem Statement

Even though SkillBee has a lot to offer, it faced challenges communicating well and providing support. Emails and phone calls weren't enough to handle all the questions and requests from users and clients. The communication lacked interaction, making it hard to keep users engaged. SkillBee needed dedicated call support to give personalised and timely help.

The Solution:

SkillBee overcomes these challenges by partnering with MyOperator. They used cloud telephony that allowed customers to talk to a dedicated call agent for immediate help, solving problems, and getting guidance in real-time. By integrating WhatsApp Business, SkillBee can now directly reach potential customers, creating a smooth and easy experience for users.

SkillBee is also using MyOperator WhatsApp to:

  • Send notifications
  • Reminders
  • Confirmations
  • Feedback requests
MyOperator with SkillBee

The Results

  • Adoption of MyOperator's solutions-cloud telephony & WhatsApp has helped to connect better with users and clients, making relationships stronger and improving customer retention.
  • Interactive and personalised communication approaches have gained a better brand image and reputation for SkillBee
  • Experienced a reduction in operational costs and time, making SkillBee’s communication seamless and improving overall efficiency.
  • Implementation of MyOperator's solutions has positively impacted conversion rates and revenue generation.

Customer speaks

We partnered with MyOperator to address our communication challenges. By leveraging cloud telephony and WhatsApp business solutions, we aim to provide better support, increase engagement, and streamline our operations. We anticipate enhanced brand image, reduced costs, and improved conversions.

- Ujjawal Chauhan, Co-Founder, SkillBee

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