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How to set up IVR for your E-commerce Business

Ecommerce Set Up IVR
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In recent years, all businesses, irrespective of size, have incorporated the digital revolution into their growth strategies. The quality of the customer experience might increase with the speed at which you can deliver them. Nevertheless, frequent call transfers may limit the number of individuals you can quickly assist. If your live agents receive a lot of calls each day, implementing an interactive voice response (IVR) system can boost productivity and direct customers to the relevant team members immediately.

All kinds of enterprises may find IVR Services to be useful tools at various stages of the customer lifecycle. In order to foster consumer trust and boost the percentage of wallet in sales, service, and branding, companies are deploying IVR systems as part of a broader customisation and engagement strategy. 

By providing callers with self-service alternatives, a well-designed IVR system can reduce caller wait times and free up operators to work on other tasks. Your company may better handle incoming calls and enhance caller experience with the appropriate IVR setup.

Now the question is, how can you design a productive IVR system for your e-commerce business?

Why do you need an IVR for your E-commerce Business?

IVR systems, also known as interactive voice response systems, are automated speech systems that telecom service companies offer. The interaction between your company and callers is enhanced by this corporate communication solution.

By controlling the flow of incoming calls, an IVR system for e-commerce businesses can optimise calls. Callers can use it to conduct quick tasks without being forced to wait on hold for an agent or worker. Additionally, it determines the caller’s needs by conversing with them via preset messages and caller feedback. Calls are then forwarded to the appropriate department or agency.

How to set up IVR for your Ecommerce Business?

An IVR menu can be set up in a couple of minutes. IVR setup has been made easier by VoIP systems, so you no longer need to contact an IT professional only to manage call routing for a single phone number.

By using the steps outlined below, you may get an IVR system for your company from MyOperator in much less than 24 hours:

  • Contact MyOperator a leading call center software at +91 9212992129, and a member of our staff will contact you shortly.
  • Share with us your thoughts on the company’s IVR and any changes you would like to see, such as call recording, outbound dialling, call queue features, etc.
  • The next and final step is to submit important details to complete your KYC, and voila! you can have your company IVR set up within one working day.

Also keep in mind that client wants can alter over time, even if you have established your initial IVR menu. You may find out why customers are calling and who they are trying to communicate with by maintaining a close eye on your call records, adding call notes to your contacts list, and speaking live with your live agents.

If there are any essential demands that you aren’t immediately meeting, think about changing your menu selections to improve the consumer experience.

Step by Step Guide To Set up MyOperator IVR to get the best results for your E-Commerce business

  1. The first display you see after logging into the system as a new user is a dashboard.
  2. The ‘Manage’ button is located at the top of the screen. There are three choices available: Users, Departments, and Design call flow. Your IVR system will be configured using these three options.
  3. Select the “Users” tab. Users are the representatives or staff who work for your business. They will be the individuals who make calls to customers utilizing MyOperator’s cloud call center solutions and receive calls via IVR.
  4. You can create a new user right away by selecting the “add new” tab, filling out all the necessary information, and then clicking on “save.”
  5. To create a new department and add additional users to it, select “Departments.” If you wish to create a new department, select the “Add new” option in the upper right corner. You will see that certain sections are already there. Input all the necessary information to create a new department.
  6. Setting the call flow is the last step of IVR creation utilizing the MyOperator web interface. When you select the tab “Design call flow,” your screen displays the “Current call flow” and any draft. Select the “Create new” button in the top right-hand corner to start a new call.
  7. The necessary information must be entered on the new screen that appears based on the requirements of your company.
  8. Your call flow will be built when you click the “save to preview” button in the lower right corner. The overview of your call flow will then appear. You can select “publish” and then click on the “confirm” option after viewing.

That’s it! The IVR services are now operational on the business number / toll free number that MyOperator issued to you.

Features an IVR operator should have for E-commerce Business

With MyOperator IVR it is not difficult nor costly to get an IVR equipped with the appropriate tools for your E-commerce Business. Some of the features your IVR service provider must offer include:

  • Simple UI to set up and personalize messages
  • Scalability 
  • Multiple Level IVR
  • Insights to track missed calls and comprehend agent performance.
  • Reliable technical support.
  • Modern technologies, including voice and AI-driven tools

Any E-commerce business can boost efficiency and reduce expenses by implementing IVR systems including integrating the WhatsApp API, as they are simple, practical, and economical. You can take a step toward reaching your company’s goals by putting in place an IVR system right now. The best part is, you are just a free trial away!

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