This case study explores how MyOperator helped Lenskart, a prominent eyewear e-commerce company, enhance its customer support operations and drive business growth. Discover how Lenskart achieved remarkable improvements in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and scalability with MyOperator's advanced calling features and seamless integration capabilities.

About Lenskart

Lenskart, founded in 2010, quickly gained popularity as India's leading online retailer of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. With its omni-channel strategy, it has transformed the country's eyewear market. The brand is a remarkable combination of a strong online business presence and imaginatively designed retail shops, with a rapidly growing business reaching out to millions of customers each month.

Problem Statement

Lenskart runs 1400+ retail stores across the country. As the leading brand in eyewear, Lenskart receives thousands of daily calls across its retail stores with requests ranging from simple enquiries to specialist consultation. Customers often do not know the right store to contact based on their location. The brand needed a centralized communication management platform to effectively distribute and monitor these calls across outlets.

The Solution:

MyOperator provided Lenskart with a comprehensive call management solution that included a Multistore solution, an IVR, Virtual Number, Toll free number and a missed call solution.

Multistore Solution

MyOperator implemented a multistore solution for Lenskart, providing individual virtual numbers for each of its retail stores. This solution was designed to enable customers to easily connect with their nearest store.

Incoming calls to these virtual numbers are intelligently routed to the respective store specialists, ensuring prompt assistance.

In cases where a store is unable to answer a call, the system automatically redirects it to Lenskart's centralized staff, minimizing the chances of any call going unanswered. Lenskart supervisors also benefit from a comprehensive dashboard that offers complete recording, reporting, and tracking capabilities for all virtual numbers provided.

Pincode Based Locational Intelligence

Lenskart has been allocated a centralized 1800 toll-free number, serving as the primary contact for its nationwide clientele. Upon calling the toll-free number, clients are greeted with a personalized audio message through the IVR system, prompting them to enter their pin code using the keypad. Subsequently, the call is intelligently routed to the nearest Lenskart location based on the entered pin code.

Missed Call Engagement

MyOperator missed call solution is also one of the crucial customer touchpoints, where Lenskart has been provided with unique missed call numbers. These numbers are promoted across various marketing campaigns and platforms. Whenever a prospect leaves a missed call on any of the designated numbers, Lenskart promptly schedules a callback from an available executive.

Key Results:

With MyOperator’s call management solution, Lenskart was able to achieve:

  1. 30% increase in their marketing RoI due to detailed reporting & recording of calls generated from different marketing channels.
  2. 40% increment in customer calls received which otherwise were getting missed due to traditional phone numbers
  3. 10X increase in efficiency and productivity of customer-facing professionals due to less manual call handling/transferring
  4. 10X increase in their on-call connect time between customer and their concerned professional owing to automatic call routing
  5. 20% rise in their on-call business closures after executing the MyOperator solution.

Customer speaks

Providing the right infrastructure to the customer service team was challenging. With MyOperator's assistance employee relations have become stronger than ever. We are now able to provide seamless customer support and never miss out on customer calls from all our Retail and Ecommerce stores.

- Amit Chaudhary, Co-Founder & CXO at Lenskart

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