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IVR System

An IVR system, expanded as Interactive Voice Response system, is a technology that allows businesses to give automatic response to incoming calls and route them to different people based on inputs from the caller. Normally when people call on a phone number, the call directly lands on the receiver’s mobile or landline phone. When someone uses an IVR system, the incoming calls on their IVR number land on the IVR before reaching a mobile or landline phone. When the call lands on the IVR system, an automated welcome message is played for the caller. This welcome message is followed by a list of options being given to the caller, again by an automated voice. The caller can select the desired option by giving keypress input and based on it the call is transferred to the concerned phone number.

IVR systems are very common these days and businesses of all shapes and sizes are using them. Using an IVR system allows businesses to manage their business calls in better fashion as well as makes it convenient for their customers to contact the right person for their query. Also, IVR systems have become very pocket-friendly too. Companies such as MyOperator provide comprehensive cloud-based call management systems which include IVR systems, cloud call center solution, toll free number and call center software. In fact, IVR is the major feature of call management systems.

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