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Open Ticket

An open ticket refers to a query raised by a customer which has not been answered or resolved by the call center agent yet. Every time a customer calls a customer care call center to inquire about something or to get an issue resolved, a new task or ‘ticket’ is created for the call center agent who has been assigned the call. This ticket can have different stages or statuses such as  open, in progress and closed. While the call center agent speaks to the customer, understands their problem, tries to resolve the issue or provide them the information, the ticket generated upon their call remains under open category.

An important point to note is that a ticket that is in the ‘in progress’ can also be considered as an open ticket in certain organisations. That is because in those companies there are just two stages for a ticket i.e. open and closed. In order to better understand this, you also need to know what an ‘in progress’ ticket is.

An ‘in progress ticket’ is a ticket that has been handled by a call center agent and is now just waiting for due process to be completed before closing the ticket. For example, at MyOperator when a client submits their documents for KYC to activate their call management system and IVR, it becomes an open ticket. When the KYC documents are being reviewed by our team, it is an ‘in progress’ ticket.

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