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FCR: First Call Resolution

First call resolution or first contact resolution is a common metric used to measure the performance and customer satisfaction levels of a call center. First call resolution or FCR means resolving the problem or issue raised by a customer on the very first call that they make to the call center. The idea is to reduce the number of calls needed from the customer to get this problem solved as well as saving time and using it to handle other customers. To put it simply, the customers should not need to make a follow up call to the call center regarding his problem.

The FCR rate is the percentage of customers who called the call center and got their query resolved on the first call itself. Every call center aims to keep their first call resolution rate as high as possible because it is a measure of their customer’s happiness. Important thing to note is that first call resolution and first contact resolution, although used interchangeably, are a tad bit different. While first call resolution only talks about resolution done on the first phone call, first contact resolution looks at other channels of communication as well, such as chat, email toll free number and IVR system.

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