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Callback messaging

Callback messaging is a feature deployed by call centers which handle a very high inbound call volume. Sometimes when the incoming call volume is higher than the capacity of the call center, the callers have to wait in queue until the call center agent gets free from other calls. This leads to angry customers and bad customer experience. To avoid this, call centers use a callback messaging feature that allows the caller to record their name and contact details using which the call center agents can call them back when they are free from other calls.

Callback messaging has become a must have feature for all call centers which face tremendous inbound call volume as it can save them from bad customer experience and poor reviews for their customer service. Moreover, it provides the caller with peace of mind when he or she is able to record their message and sit back and relax as they wait for a call back from the cloud call center. An important thing to note is that when the callback messaging is active, the caller can choose to either record their message or wait in the queue until an agent gets free to attend to their call.

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