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Abandonment rate

Call abandonment rate is the percentage of people who aborted their phone calls before selecting their options on IVR or connecting with the agents.

For instance, if you call the customer service of a certain brand to raise a concern, you are mostly greeted with an IVR or Interactive Voice Response input. You may be asked to Press 1, 2, 3…to help you route to your concerned department. If you for any reason disconnect the call, this will be considered as an abandoned call.

High volume business calls entail high call abandonment rates and it is one of the major concerns of any business. It is important for companies, big and small, to keep a track of call abandonment rates to understand their customer behavior better. There might be multiple reasons for the high call abandonment rate and this is where keeping a tab on the call abandonment metric is imperative.

While monitoring such insights can be daunting in a traditional call center system, it is much easier to keep a tab on a cloud telephonic system. Business and sales leaders can easily analyze the metrics on their mobile phones simply by integrating cloud calling tools.

This will not only help in the training and development of the sales team but the reports can also help you strategize your next move in customer engagement.

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