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Abandoned call - MyOperator
Abandoned call

Abandoned call

Abandoned call is the type of call received in the records of the call center system but is aborted by the dialer in an IVR call before an agent receives it.

For instance, if your company provides 1800 toll-free number or any customer service number, your callers will try to contact you on that number. If the caller disconnects the call or the call unhooks due to some reason or the other, before aligning to the concerned customer service agent, this will be considered as a case of an abandoned call.

Many often confuse an abandonment call with a missed call but the two instances are quite different from each other. A missed call rings at least one agent but the call gets disconnected due to some reason or the other. An abandoned call on the other hand gets disconnected before it reaches the respective agent. This often happens when the call hangs up while the welcome greeting or IVR is played. It usually happens if the IVR or welcome greeting is customized by the owner outside IVR work hours or business hours.

You can keep track of your abandoned calls if you’re a cloud telephony system user on a real-time dashboard and get back to your customers or potential clients accordingly.

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