7 emotions every sales expert should master to close more deals

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The ability to understand your ideal client when it comes to sales can be challenging. It is straightforward for salespeople to feel very passionate about their product or service, but encouraging that passion within a potential customer doesn’t always work the same way each time.

Your audience wants to know more about the product or service in terms of how it will help them, not just what it offers. With that, sales experts need to master emotional intelligence. Customers buy on emotion, and later justify with logic.

But what exactly is it, and how does it help with sales? 

Understanding how to utilize emotions within your sales is a crucial factor in your success. You need to know how to leverage your emotional responses and impulses to help gain interest from your audience and make them want your product or service.

Keep in mind that no matter how charming and enticing you come across, there are still prospective leads that will not want what you have to offer. However, utilizing lead tools and data is not enough; you need to work your emotions to create a true experience for your potential clients. The experience helps your customer feel at ease and more likely to open up their wallet.

Leveraging psychology for sales

An emotional process is so crucial for selling these days because people often buy on impulse as a reaction to thinking that they desperately need something. So we tend to make emotional decisions first, since they drive us, and later validate them with our minds to feel rational. 

As much as your facts and information are important priorities for your marketing strategy, you must also remember to include emotions in your plans. Customers want a business they can develop a relationship with since their whole reason for purchase is because they trust your company. 

Emotional marketing can create the wrong kind of reaction if not used correctly. Therefore, it is imperative to be sure to assess your ideal audience and understand the types of feelings and emotions that help them gain that trust within your product or service. 

However, there is more than one emotion that your company can tap into to help generate more sales. Read on to discover the best emotions that you should master to help you effectively assist others, close more deals and ultimately, increase your sales and profits.

7 emotions every sales expert should master to close more deals

Let’s discover what are those emotions that can help you become better at sales and close more deals:

7 emotions every sales expert should master to close more deals [Illustration by MyOperator]
7 emotions every sales expert should master to close more deals [Illustration by MyOperator]

Sales emotion #1: Urgency

Urgency is a significant factor in why people buy; you see it in all kinds of commercials and advertisements for all sorts of reasons. Buyers are more compelled to try and fix something that is not working, and if there is a timeline involved, it creates a sense of urgency. 

When leveraging urgency for sales, your object is not to create that fear or intimidation to buy for your customers. Instead, you should develop the feeling of urgency in a fun-light mode. For example, many companies limit their quantities, stock, or having the service or product available for a short period. These types of tactics are needed for customers to buy before they don’t have the option to do so.

You can also find out what your customers lose if their problem is not resolved or taken care of on time, and then you can demonstrate just how your service or product will take all of that worry away. Taking away a customer’s fear will go a long way in enhancing their buying decisions.

Sales emotion #2: Hope

Providing for a better future will always make an impression, so giving your clients hope for the future is another emotion to master. Especially in times that we live in now where people feel lonely, desolate, and their focus is consistently on the bad. Bring out that hope for a promising future to appeal to what could be for your prospects.

Think about what an ideal situation would look like for your buyer, and uncover their goals with your product or service. Then, you can tailor your advertisement or pitch to speak to their hope for a better tomorrow.

Sales emotion #3: Frustration/anger

Nowadays, probably more than ever before, people want things more manageable. They desire the ability to excel in the easiest possible way. When things happen where something breaks, or a process doesn’t work correctly, the feelings of failure and frustration set in, driving them to jump on finding a quick solution to the problem. 

Feeling frustration can help you relate to the frustration in others, even if for different reasons. Utilizing the emotion of frustration for sales have you assessing the struggles in your potential customers’ daily life or work situations. When you can pinpoint sources of frustration and timely present your product or service as a solution, you have successfully achieved the goal of allowing your company to be there and solve your customer’s problem at the right time.

Anger goes past the frustration stage, usually when things for your customer have reached a breaking point, and they are not only looking for a solution, but they need it right now. Even though it is not ideal for dealing with clients who are at this stage in their emotions, you can leverage your response to help keep them from continuing to be riled up and quickly diffuse their anger by offering your novel product or service.

Determine the top priority in providing for your client, and utilize their anger to assess and provide the best resolution quickly. An excellent example of this was when Uber launched their billboard regarding racism, tapping into the emotional responses and surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement

Sales emotion #4: Greed/envy

People have an innate competitive nature and like to be one step ahead in the game. Playing on that emotion of feeling greed and envy to provide someone with a “new” product or service gives your client that sense of being at the top and that they will, in turn, be making their friends or competitors greedy and envious for having it.

No one likes to see someone else they feel competitive with beat them to the punch, so you can instill that sense of if they make the decision before anyone else has the opportunity to, appealing to their desire to “be the first.” Every business needs a comparative advantage to flourish. You can appeal to your prospects by showing them the benefits and effectively giving them that head start above their competition. 

Sales emotion #5: Pride

As a sales expert, you are proud of the product or service you are offering, and you want to create that same sense of pride in those who purchase it. Therefore, providing information on just how it can and will allow your customers to feel more intelligent and sensible for making the decision to buy appeals to their sense of pride and will delight them. For example, business owners buy 1800 toll free numbers and IVR services from MyOperatpr not just to provide a better way for their customers to call them but also to add a sense of VIP-ness in their customer service

Tapping into the emotion of pride allows you to also tap into how to eliminate the feeling of shame that your client may feel. No one likes feeling stupid or dumb for having missed out on an opportunity, so mastering these emotions provides a successful sales approach to giving your client the edge in feeling clever to make the purchase. 

Sales emotion #6: Empathy/altruism

Helping others is not an emotion that can be pinpointed, but having empathy and wanting to be more philanthropic is something many people have or desire; hence it is an emotional response. Sales experts should understand what it means to be able to recognize emotions in others, and how to just be a helping hand – an ear for listening or even a shoulder to cry on in times of need. 

Caring for others goes a long way to helping them feel more safe and secure, which gives them trust in you and what you are offering. Many companies even go as far as to demonstrate how a purchase will help others in need or help the environment (green products/packaging), which can appeal to that philanthropic side of people’s sense of responsibility to help.

Sales emotion #7: Happiness 

Joy and happiness of sharing moments or cherishing times with loved ones are the last, but certainly not the least, of emotions that sales experts need to understand fully. Yet, despite our business acumen, many people understand that memories and good times with others are a high priority in our lives. 

When creating advertisements, tapping into those emotional responses to provoke that feeling of contentment in a situation helps people feel comforted and more likely will result in a purchase. However, don’t underestimate all of those “feel good” events and experiences. A great example of this is the WhatsApp API, which allows businesses to connect with their customers in a more personal and efficient way, much like the Coca-Cola “Happiness Machine” commercial, creating many smiles and laughter.

Know, feel and do

Take an approach to your marketing strategy for sales by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What should our customers know?
  • What do we want our prospects to feel?
  • What do we want them to do?

With emotion taking the lead in creating the action necessary for clients to purchase, utilizing and understanding all of these emotions will be an essential tool for your sales pitches. Make sure that you assess and review your strategy and utilize proper tools to regularly assess and optimize what and how you’re doing. Fuel your decisions by keeping an eye on your core metrics like how your website traffic is moving and what kind of audience is visiting your website with a tool like Google Analytics, what sort of prospects are you getting with regular leads inspection, know how many people are clicking links in your marketing campaigns by using analytics for short URLs, see how your customers are responding to your sales calls with cloud call center solution and call tracking, etc. You know your business better than anyone else and you should know what metrics you must be tracking to ensure you are moving in the right direction. Be realistic and cautious in your approach and keep these emotions in consideration while mastering every step of cracking your next sale.  

Creating that relationship of trust and respect is the ultimate goal when selling. When you treat your prospective clients to share feelings and experiences authentically, your rapport develops a solid and trusting relationship, and you will gain loyal consumers for life.

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