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5 Outbound Calling Tips To Close More Deals on Calls

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Outbound calls are one of the most important ways to land clients. These phone calls are the first form of interaction that you will be having with any of your probable customers and one of the best ways to get in touch with your existing customers. But making the most of these outbound calls is a soul-racking task Here are 5 tips for outbound calling that will help you reach out to your potential leads and convert them more efficiently. :  

Draft a callers list

Blindly making outbound calls might get you some leads but eventually, it’ll just be a waste of time and take you nowhere. So before beginning with your outbound calling process make sure you have a list of worthy callers in hand. 

If your list is made up of qualified leads then you are more likely to succeed. The junk has been all cleared up[ and you have filtered leads in your hands, now all you have to do is convert these leads into your customers.

Research before calling 

This tip for outbound calling will help you in the long run. Before making an outbound call salespersons often forget this step where they need to do in-depth research about the prospect. You need to know what their needs are. When you are well versed with what your prospect might need you can present your case better and convince them to go for your product. 

Consider this example, you have an insurance company so your goal must be to reach out to the people who really need insurance and who can afford it too. If you reach out to a student who is still dependent on his parents to buy car insurance then that effort is futile. But you have done your research well and you reach out to the student’s parents then you might actually land a client for your company. 

Utilizing this outbound calling tip will help you get rid of all the junk leads and will also save a lot of your time. 

No hocus pocus, just stay focused

“Hello, I am XYZ calling from an insurance company. How are you doing? How is everything going in your surroundings?” Let me be honest if someone makes a call to me and asks me these questions instead of letting me know the actual reason for the call I am not going to entertain the caller. 

I am sure there are many other customers who do not enjoy being asked such questions. Naturally, customers are well aware that you did not call to ask about their well-being then why bother them and yourself as well with the act?  Straight off talk about the real reason you have called for. Instead of asking them questions you can simply start this way. “Hello, I am XYZ calling from an insurance company. I hope you are doing fine. I am calling to discuss a proposition…”  

The above given short script is an outbound calling best practice that will always keep you focused on your objective. Cooking stories and trying to flatter your customers with them is no use. You must focus on your goal that is t convince the customer to consicallder or buy your product. Drifting away from it will only make things harder for you. Start humbly and then talk about what is important making sure that you save both your and your customer’s time by avoiding irrelevant questions. 

Outbound calling hours 

How would you feel if your grocery storekeeper calls you in the middle of the night to tell you that there is a new kind of milk bottle available that will be nutritious for you? And tries to sell it to you. I am certain you will lose your calm and might even decide to block their contact. Just because the shopkeeper has access to your contact doesn’t mean they can call you at any time of the day to sell their products. This is a similar condition that is applicable to you when you make outbound calls to your customers. 

Do not call during the weird hours of the day, look out for the right set of outbound calling hours as per your customer’s schedule. For instance, never make a call right in the morning as everyone starts working at that time and it can break their workflow or annoy them. Calling around noon is an ideal outbound calling hour as everyone has settled into their work for the day and can spare a few minutes on a call. Again try not to call during lunch hours as everyone wants to enjoy their food in peace. 

The next best time to call is at the end of the day when everyone is probably packing up and can easily talk to you for a few minutes. One more thing to keep in mind, do not disturb your customers on weekends. It will do nothing but annoy them. Furthermore, if possible always drop a mail before reaching out. That way the client will be aware and also you can discuss the time as per their convenience. 

Use the right set of technology

How the outbound call will go with the client depends a lot on the caller’s attitude. Thus your salesperson must always be motivated and in a chirpy mood if you want to keep your clients entertained. But you must understand the side of your employee as well. Constantly dialing numbers manually and then also keeping a check on missed calls, receiving calls, and then also jotting down the details of the calls can be tiring. So you need to utilize some technology that will be handy for your salespersons and also makes their work easier. 

Using an outbound calling solution can help you with this. This solution will facilitate your employees as they will not have to dial any toll free number manually. They will not miss any call neither they will have to keep a track of call records as everything will be taken care of by the outbound calling solution. 

One more solution that you should utilize for outbound calls is the call recording solution. It can also be clubbed with the outbound call center software. Your employees will not have to write the details of the calls as everything will be recorded and can be accessed easily anytime. 

Using these solutions will make your outbound calling strategy more efficient. Your employees will be able to focus on more important tasks. The more efferent the work process will be the more your outbound calling strategy will succeed. 

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