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How Co-Browsing in Call Centers Creates a Faultless Customer Experience

Why You Must Use Co-Browsing In Your Call Centers - By MyOperator
MyOperator / Blog / How Co-Browsing in Call Centers Creates a Faultless Customer Experience

Successful businesses understand what it means to offer outstanding customer service. If you don’t provide an excellent level of customer service and look after the people who are interacting with your business, they’re bound to go away and connect with a business that listens and better take care of them. 

When you start a business, you can connect with your customers using a business call management system for small businesses. However, as your business grows large enough to have a broad customer base and a team of multiple sales and support executives, you need a dedicated Cloud call center solution to provide adequate help to customers and prospects.

Besides phone calls, businesses use many different channels to let customers get in touch when they need any help with their products and services.  So creating a cloud contact center is a great way to bring all channels together and to optimize the sales and support process. 

Over the years, businesses have been using cloud call center software integrated with other modern telephony solutions like cloud-based IVR service and toll-free numbers. It has led to the continuous evolution of call centers and ongoing improvements in the customer service experience. One of the finest innovations in providing customer support through call centers is integrating co-browsing with business calls.

In today’s guide, we’re going to be talking about:

  • What exactly co-browsing is?
  • Why should your business implement co-browsing?
  • What co-browsing can do for your customer contact centers?

Let’s get straight into it:

What do we mean by co-browsing?

How Co-Browsing in Contact Centers Can Create a Faultless Customer Service Experience. Illustration by MyOperator.
How co-browsing in contact centers can create a faultless customer service experience? – Illustration by MyOperator.

In the simplest sense, co-browsing is a new secure technology that allows customer support agents who work for you to remotely share the screen of your customers’ mobile or desktop browsers. Since co-browsing is a browser-based technology, it doesn’t require download or installation of any kind of software. 

Co-browsing technology is optimized for different devices and works well for both mobile and desktops and allows for full interactivity, including the agent being able to scroll and click on the customer’s screen. This is great, especially when a customer deals with technical problems and needs help with a computer, hardware, or software application that your business sells.

Since co-browsing is an add-on solution, it can be integrated into your existing business communication system, including your call centers. With co-browsing technology, you can efficiently assist your customers over the phone, better guiding them throughout their issues while sharing their screen.

How does co-browsing work?

How co-browsing works is very simple. When a customer gets in touch with your support center, and requests help, you can start a co-browsing session with them by sharing a co-browsing link. The link remains secure since both you and the customer will share a unique co-browsing ID and password.

Once signed in, you will be see everything the customer sees on the computer browser screen and can guide the customer through the problem or issue by clicking, scrolling, and highlighting information on the screen.

When the problem is resolved, you and the customer can close the co-browsing window, and the link will be severed.

Benefits of co-browsing

There’s no denying that co-browsing is changing the game when it comes to the level of customer support that a business can offer, especially when the business offers technical products and services.

The potential of how co-browsing can be used and implemented into your business is limitless.  You’ll need to get creative if you want to reap all the advantages that co-browsing has to offer. However, the benefits will always remain the same.

Get the problem quickly resolved 

No customer likes to contact a business to resolve a problem and then wait for a callback or get passed from person to person until they can find someone who can help. 

With co-browsing, you’re giving your customer service agents the tools they need to address the issue at the first point of contact. It results in faster problem-solving operations and happier customers.

Improves customer satisfaction ratings

Since you’ll be able to help customers far quicker and far more effectively than ever before, this means customers are going to be far happier with the services you’re offering. 

When your customers know that any problems they have will be solved quickly, your business will have improved customer ratings. This also means a happier, more satisfied, and more loyal customer base for your business.

Improve employees productivity

In the business world, time is money. The longer you spend on one customer trying to solve one problem, the more money you’re going to be spending on staff, and the longer other customers will be waiting for their problems to be resolved.

Co-browsing allows issues and problems to be addressed and solved far quicker than any other problem-solving method, meaning your business will be saving both money and time and saving customers from getting frustrated.

Create more sales opportunities

Co-browsing technology doesn’t just have to be used for problem-solving, but also for creating sales opportunities. 

With co-browsing, you’ll be able to get onto the computers of your customers. So, you can provide better demonstrations on how your software and applications will work on their system. Therefore displaying the very essence of what your business has to offer and convert prospects into customers.

Offer self-service opportunities

More and more businesses are starting to implement self-service opportunities into their daily sales and support processes because it saves time and gives customers the freedom to manage themselves. 

Through co-browsing, when a customer has a problem, they can fix the issues themselves, with minimal support from agents guiding them throughout the screen.

Address product and services bugs

Co-browsing enables you to have direct access to a client or customer screen. If they’re experiencing any bugs or glitches that you don’t know about already, you’ll be able to take screenshots of the problem in real-time. Therefore, co-browsing takes the guesswork out of the equation and makes the issue at hand crystal clear. 

With screenshots, you’ll have a concrete problem to solve. You can share it with your team and prevent the problem from happening again by updating your products or services if required.

Make your staff happy

Since the introduction of co-browsing, gone are the days of your staff having to mindlessly stay on the phone while trying to help an inept customer deal with a problem that’s a pain to resolve because you can’t see the same screen or confirm what the customer is doing is the right thing.

With co-browsing, your staff has a clear sense of what issues customers face and if they are following the right steps to resolve the issues. So, problems are solved quickly and easily. It means your staff can get on with doing their job properly since they’ve been provided with the right tools, leaving them happier and more productive who want to work for you.

Add innovation to your customer care

When you use co-browsing technology with your customers, you’ll notice that many customers haven’t seen or used it before, as it’s only beginning to hit its popularity.

This means when you offer support to your customers with co-browsing technology, most of them are going to be surprised and excited about what you can do and will be amazed by how efficient and effective this technology is at getting their problems resolved.

Co-browsing can help you create a very professional and forward-thinking image of your business in your customers’ eyes. With great support, they will be excited to use your products and services and tell their friends about their experience.

Build a loyal customer base

With a 24*7 active call center equipped with co-browsing, you’ll be delivering a top of the range customer service experience, proving that you’re always there for your customers in the best possible way.

Being there for your customers whenever they need you is vital to earn trust and convert customers into loyal fans. The more your customers trust you and know you’re there for them, the more likely they will stay with your business, making your brand thrive. 

Cloud call center + Co-browsing = Wonderful customer support

Co-browsing is set to change the game when it comes to your business, offering technical support to your customers. There really hasn’t been anything like co-browsing until now. With so many benefits of co-browsing, it’s a no-brainer to integrate this technology with your call center solution, grab more sales opportunities, level-up your customer services, and build a thriving business on the back of loyal customers.  

About the author: Kristin Herman is a tech enthusiast and a project manager at Academized, an online writing services company. She loves helping businesses find new opportunities to make their business better and loves bringing companies forward into the modern-day.

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