Cloud Telephony: 23 reasons why Indian businesses favorited it!

Cloud Telephony 23 reasons why Indian businesses favorited it
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Talking about the startup stories in India, you’ll read trillions of articles covering the pain points of their success. With changing times, the Indian business scenario has also changed with technological locomotion, with different perspectives imbibed in every business. One them is cloud telephony.

Business Insider, India reads, E-commerce companies are more “venture-backed”  as compared to any other industry- going through the pages of the newspapers every day, it seems to be true. We all are going digital, so are the businesses around us.

Lately, startups have shifted their systems to cloud . In fact, several Indian businesses have started using cloud telephony as their call management system.

Here are the 23 reasons why Indian businesses have favorited Cloud Telephony:

23. Cloud-based: The biggest advantage of cloud telephony is that there is no effort to maintain a hardware within your office premises and bare the costs of expensive equipment. Since this application is on Hosted IP PBX, therefore the costs related to installation is much less than that of IP PBX.

22. Affordability: Most of the small and medium-sized organizations are often tangled in the situation of minimizing costs. But cloud telephony offers you the reasons to cut down your expenses by eliminating the costs of holding an IT infrastructure.

21. Nimbleness: Organizations share a sense of competition within themselves so as to achieve the purpose of effective marketing.This may bring you great results but measuring them is equally important in order to have a clear picture to invest intelligently in future projects. According to the content marketing institute, call tracking impacts the content marketing campaigns. Thus, cloud telephony acts as your scaling agent for the marketing campaigns. It tracks and records and identifies every phone lead you get.

20. Effectiveness: Though, call monitoring or recording requires legal consent, Cloud telephony features of call recording help you the understand the customer sentiment and identify whether it’s an actual business lead or just an enquiry. Tip for the marketers: Record each phone call that you receive for your business and listen to them religiously, so as to educate yourself more about the market preferences.

19. Smart in generating leads: Various features of cloud telephony like sending of Bulk SMS and have one virtual number for mapping all the leads to one number. Therefore, reaching out people economically is what it does for generating leads.

18. Frequently used : Marketing is something which every company wants to excel in. Cloud telephony makes this process of marketing easier by offering a toll free number for a business. A toll free number is the best technique used by companies as it serves customers as a free medium to communicate. Moreover a toll free number always uses an IVR system which recalls the brand name. Thus, the customers identify with the brand every time they make a call.

17. Spreads awareness: As discussed in the above point, IVRs recall brand names, it can also be customized and used to spread the nature of business you are dealing with or tell people what all activities are you performing.

Bakasur,a posh restaurant in Bangalore has its welcome message customized into a monster-like voice. Also, Art of Living , a well-known NGO has two virtual numbers- one for the legal Helpline purpose and the other for happiness programs conducted by them. So, you see, whether it’s a {well}-crafted business or an NGO, a cloud telephony system is useful for all.

16. Professional: Every cloud number you use for your business has a professional image associated with it. The greeting message to a caller, the automated responses, the intelligent call routing are some aspects which project the image of professionalism.

15. 24×7 available: Leaving your customers alone during urgency will always earn you a bad name. The prime objective of cloud telephony is that you don’t miss any of your calls even if you are unable to pick them up. It has features like voice-mails which make it easier for the callers to leave a message in case S/he is not able to reach the concerned person.

14. Multi-tasking: You must have read several reports on how multi-tasking harms your concentration quotient. It is 50% more likely to create errors in your tasks while doing multi-tasking. But, Cloud Telephony has made this easier. You can call, record and forward your calls at a single point and without moving an inch away from your position.

13. Designs product strategy: Those call recordings can be useful for your product strategy. These recordings are basically the rich insights and feedback on the product that you have been speaking out loud, till date! Thus, this can help you strategize your product and even strategize marketing easily.

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Other few points which makes Cloud Telephony a super hero are as follows:

12. Encourages mobile marketing as  it has features like sending bulk smses to selected contacts and creating templates for different offers to mass communicate. Though it’s a telephony system but it can be used as a digital technology and a toll for brand marketing.

11. Doesn’t make customers wait unnecessarily as the call forwarding system is so smart that you can forward the calls using extension numbers.

10. You need not hire a trainer. It’ll train your employees as you can represent real-time business cases in order to educate your employees about what is happening within the organization. Those call recordings and voice mails are of real help

9. Your data is secure as it uses Amazon web services to keep the business data safe and secure.

…and further points which we can infer out of the above mentioned ones are as follows:

8. Monitors employee performance

7. Suitable for all business types

6. Continue business on the go

5. Only one business number. Hence no confusion

4. Easy customization

3. Ensures smooth internal communication

2. Hack business growth

1. And last but not the least, “Every business is using it!

Currently, there are several Indian businesses offering cloud telephony services in the market. The rapid growth of SMEs has propelled these companies to become integral components of their complete management systems. With the addition of call center software, these cloud telephony services not only streamline communication but also enhance customer support capabilities. As businesses evolve, integrating cloud call center solutions becomes essential to efficiently manage and optimize their customer interactions. Are you ready for the next level of streamlined communication and customer service excellence?

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Cloud Telephony: 23 reasons why Indian businesses favorited it!

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