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Cloud Telephony: What and how

Cloud Telephony What and how
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The way our lives have been revolutionized in the last few years clearly showcased how crucial it is to have a great virtual presence in both personal and professional lives. Lately, several businesses have flourished because of the use of advanced cloud telephony services and constant availability to their customers. As a business, you have to take up several calls. Some are related to queries while others are grievance calls. You never know when your customer might call you but it is your responsibility to be available to your customers all the time. This seems practically impossible with traditional telephony systems. Where you have to have a centralized office, need physical set-up, and need to be present in the office at all times to address the calls. However, a cloud telephony system makes it all possible too without a centralized office and physical setup.  

What all you need to know about cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is a telephone framework that goes through your web association. 

Cloud communication smoothes out your business correspondences and develops with your business. Regardless of whether you’re opening new workplaces, recruiting telecommuters, or growing your in-house groups, cloud telephony will make the extension easy and savvy.

How does cloud telephony work?

Cloud telephony indeed brought a revolution in the telecommunication sector. Where traditional telephone systems need bundles of wires and physical setup to connect and function, cloud telephony needs none. Cloud telephony uses the internet for communication. The number hosted on the cloud is called a virtual toll free number. This number does not need any particular sim card or a device. The same number can be used on several devices together. The communication takes place through the internet and the data is stored on the cloud itself. Therefore, no physical connection, wiring, or rooms for data storage are required. 

Benefits of cloud telephony

Flexible and remote working

There is nothing like sitting in the comfort of your houses in your most comfortable PJs and work while sipping coffee. This was just a dream for many until cloud telephony made it a reality. Cloud telephony made remote working possible and working hours flexible. You could be sitting anywhere around the globe but can easily work using the same phone number with the help of an internet connection. 

Cloud telephony business arrangements permit employees to take their work remotely. This way any help question or deals call can be dealt with regardless of whether the employee is at the workplace or not. Any gadget with a steady Internet association that has cloud telephony software can work absolutely perfectly for business. Now employees can work during the day or at night. Work while sitting in cozy blankets or freezing air-conditioned rooms. Cloud telephony has made everything possible. 

Affordable and cost-effective

With regards to your business, you need a practical arrangement that is not difficult to utilize and simple on the budget plan as well. That is the place where the cloud-based, or facilitated communication, comes in. These are incredible cloud telephony solutions for any size business and can assist you with working viably and productively. 

You can single out administrations you need and truly advantage your business with your telephone framework. Furthermore, a huge infrastructural amount can be saved as no centralized office is required for implementation or cloud telephony.

Also, MyOperator’s month-to-month fixed charges make it simpler on your financial plan and simple to pay for what you need and utilize every month. You can plan whatever benefits your business needs. 

Not all organizations are similar and not every one of them have similar requirements from a business telephone framework. This allows you to single out what you need and pay for the same.

Cloud Telephony: What and how

Reliable and consistent service

If a natural calamity like earthquakes or an unforeseen incident like a fire takes place when you are working from an office with huge desktops and telephony systems. It is likely that you might end up losing your physical set-up along with your stored data. However, having a cloud call center solution for your business extinguishes the possibility of both these situations. Cloud telephony needs no physical set-up to function or to even store any data. Everything is done virtually and data is stored on the cloud. Even in the worst of worst situations you will always be available to your customers and will have your data safe. Now it’s on you if you want a reliable and resilient telephony system or worry about any unfortunate events at all times. 

Customizable and highly scalable

When we make large investments in terms of capital and time into our business we always prefer the best for it. Cloud telephony is the thing that’s best for your business. It is highly customizable and adaptable to new features as well. Do you want a call recording feature? You have it. Are you looking forward to having CRM integration? You can get that too. Want to incorporate an IVR number? Well, that is available too. That’s how customizable cloud telephony systems are. You can add or remove whatever feature suits your business needs. The highly customizable feature of cloud telephony is what makes it distinct. Give the best to your business by choosing the best for your business. 

Mobile and portable

Shifting your business from one corner of the nation to another? Worried about how you are going to carry all the data and your telephone system alone? You can now get rid of all your worries as cloud telephony is there for your rescue. Cloud telephony is mobile and portable. Even if you are shifting your business from one nation to another you do not have to worry as because of cloud telephony you port your business number as per your convenience. Now spread your empire while also maintaining a unified image. 

Instant implementation 

We are yet to discuss the best feature of cloud telephony. Cloud telephony can be implemented within minutes. You can get your cloud telephony software installed from 

MyOperator is a leading call center software within one business day. You can start with your cloud telephony system anytime and anywhere. A free 3 day trial of the same is also available at MyOperator. 

Integrated business model

Cloud telephony also coordinates with your everyday business work processes. This not just streamlines your organization’s individual group’s pipelines of work yet additionally deals with the smooth business flow from a broader perspective. All your business correspondence frameworks are broadly incorporated with your cloud telephony system. With these smoothed-out work processes, you can get access to everything in a single interface. Making it simpler and faster to convey results. MyOperator’s CRM integration permits you to merge your work and pipelines. Working together is not just easier than ever.

Always follow the trends

Are you wondering that with new technological advancements every single day, your cloud telephony system will get outdated? The answer is NO! A cloud telephony system is constantly updated. If a new feature has been introduced for telecommunication then you will get the same in your cloud telephony framework too. There is no way that your cloud telephony system will ever be outdated. It’s time to move everything to the cloud now. 

Reduction of carbon footprint

Want to go green with your business? Get cloud telephony services for your business. Seems like cloud telephony is the solution to all your business problems. Cloud telephony does not have any infrastructural requirements. This helps in reducing the carbon footprint making cloud telephony a clean and green initiative.

These were a few benefits of cloud telephony. You must have figured already that cloud telephony is extremely beneficial for your business. Then what are you waiting for? Get your cloud telephony system from MyOperator right now. 

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