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9 Best Cloud Communication Platforms To Amp Up Your Business Communication

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It’s 2021! The demand for cloud communication platform has never been higher and it’s only getting bigger with time. Communication is an integral part of any business. But with all the sudden changes in the past two years, there has been a huge change in ways of communicating. Business meetings that used to take place in physical setups are now happening virtually. Communication over the internet is the new normal. But to communicate over the cloud as well you need trusted cloud communication platforms that will not compromise your privacy and confidentiality can be maintained. 

No business can afford to have broken communication or unreliable tools for the same. In these fast-paced times, your business needs effective and advanced tools. Here are the best cloud communication platforms on which you can rely blindly for your business communication:


  • Slack is an option cloud communication platform in contrast to internal emails as a constant communication tool for business. 
  • It offers channels for explicit points, offices, or workplaces. 
  • Employees can likewise converse with one another through direct messages. 
  • You can utilize Slack for instant messages, voice and video calls, and document sharing.


  • MyOperator is a client and business cloud communication tool. The call management system or calling services like IVR system, outbound calling, toll free number , cloud call center solution etc are hosted on the cloud to facilitate both the caller and the agent. 
  • You can utilize the tool for sales, customer support, and to keep a track of the calling activities of your business. 
  • This tool offers a variety of features that you might want to incorporate into your call management system. Company Call Recording, multi-level IVR, and call queue are a few of those features. 
  • This tool is perfect for your call handling and to give a rich calling experience to your customers.  


  • The confluence is a group workspace cloud communication platform build for providing information to colleagues. 
  • Confluence separates data storehouses, transforms discussions into projects, and sorts out organization drives. 
  • You can utilize Confluence’s formats for projects across items, advertising, and client assistance. 
  • For additional customization, Confluence’s commercial center offers more than 3,000 application mixes.


  • Guru is a corporate wiki programming for sorting out organizational data. 
  • Guru furnishes new representatives with the information they need to know about the organization. 
  • It smoothes out internal communication through alarms about deliveries and updates. 
  • Guru incorporates devices like Slack and Microsoft Teams to facilitate your business communication. 
  • With a focal wiki, you can fetch the data you and your team need the most. 
  • This is one of the internal cloud communication platforms that reduce the number of meetings and helps each colleague serve.


  • Zendesk is a client relationship the executive’s solution platform.
  •  Their client assistance solution offers help across every channel that your customers use. 
  • It incorporates informing, live visits, email, web-based media, and voice. 
  • Numerous organizations use Zendesk to assemble an assistance place or a local area gathering. 
  • The product coordinates your client information with your current frameworks. 
  • Its APIs are well recorded and kept, which can accelerate custom programming development.

Google Drive

  • Google Drive is a distributed storage arrangement that permits you to get to saved records and documents anytime. 
  • Stores organization resources like recordings and logos, inner aides, slide decks, etc. 
  • Everything on Google Drive is synced for easy access of employees. 
  • It’s the perfect solution for remote working and coordination.


  • Hiver is a helpdesk application worked on atop Gmail. 
  • Allocate and track messages that come into your common customer service account. 
  • Your team can set the status for email, take responsibility for help inquiries, and leave notes about a customer inquiry for other people. 
  • Hiver increases productivity by doing tasks like work allocation, this lets you focus on more important work. 
  • Save time and return to clients quicker in email format with Hiver.


  • Dropbox is another distributed storage cloud communication platform. 
  • It lets you back your records up through document sync and record recuperation if you erase a record from history. 
  • Coordinated effort highlights make it simple to share connections or documents and leave remarks. 
  • Dropbox offers organizations, rich document stockpiling a long way past what on-premises record workers give. 
  • Dropbox’s higher plans offer report passwords, marked sharing, bits of knowledge, and watcher history. 
  • You can utilize Dropbox on your mobile and both Android or iOS or as a work area application on Windows and Mac.

Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams is a group joint effort cloud communication platform for those in the Microsoft environment. 
  • It brings meetings, visits, calls, and collaborations to one place. 
  • Microsoft Teams makes it simple to go from bunch talk to video call with a single click. 
  • Microsoft Teams is a free application that can also be installed on mobile phones and is easily accessible. 
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