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Automation In Customer Call Management: For Ease And Reliability

automation in customer call management
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It’s about last week when I was sitting in my office sales bay. As usual, sales agents all around were on call with our ‘potential’ customers.

Like typical ‘sales-thing’, the conversation was all about the benefits MyOperator has for a business. Amongst those multiple spoken advantages, one word was quite common and repetitive, ‘automation’一 how our product brings automation in managing customer calls.

After hearing those discussions (negotiations and requirements) I realized, how actually important automation is for business owners.

And why wouldn’t it be? It not only implies less manual intervention but also more ease, productivity and reliability. Companies today, be of any size or industry, are adopting all possible measures to bring automation (ease) in their business operations.

And this is exactly why automation in customer communication or customer call management should not be compromised.

Let’s understand this better.

Why automation in customer call management?

1. There was a time when companies believed in ‘one-man-army’ concept. But now, different teams are created for different purposes, to ensure expertise and better functioning.

So in most cases, calls have to be manually transferred from one agent/department to another. Or, some companies get respective contact numbers for each department to save manual transferring. However in both the scenarios, time and effort of the team as well as the customer calling experience suffers.

Solution: An IVR setup. It routes the calls as per the callers’ concern with just the input in the telephonic menu. Also, in cases of different regional branches, calls are automatically forwarded to the nearest branch as per the callers’ location.

→ It hence eliminates manual transferring of calls or the need to keep multiple contact numbers for different departments.

2. With the growth in digitalisation and competition in the industry, prospects have to be approached in a more effective way, moving ahead of SMSes and emails.

Without a doubt, reaching the potential audience through calls is still the most impactful one [Here’s the proof]. However, considering the manual efforts it demands, most companies give up on this. And, they completely depend on digital marketing without fully optimizing the database in their hands.

Solution: Outbound dialers. With OBD solutions, calls are automatically placed on the given list of phone numbers. A computerized voice recording conveys the message to the receiver and if he is interested, he can “Press 1” and connect with the agent to discuss this ahead.

→ Hence, an effective marketing approach through call, along with a smooth and streamlined next-step for your team.

P.S. An automated call is almost 10 times less expensive than the investment done on an employee hired for the same work.

3. Let’s face it, human work is prone to minor errors.

Companies can’t take this risk of completely depending on the team to efficiently manage all customer calls and ensure 24*7 presence to attend them. Herein, inefficiency would only lead to missed customer calls aka business opportunities.

Solution: Virtual receptionist. The automated solution automatically attends calls, routes it directly to the agent’s phone number and also updates the callers in case of non-availability of the agent.

→ Hence, it ensures business availability round-the-clock without demanding the agents to stick to their office desk to attend calls.

Wondering why so much for customer calls?

  • These calls are your potential business opportunities.
  • These callers are your potential customers.
  • Their calling experience forms a major part of your customer service.
  • Frequently missing/losing calls from a potential client is like giving a customer to the competitor.
  • Burdening employees with laborious task will eventually hamper their performance on calls.

Enhanced calling experience >> Supreme customer service >> Big brand image & customer loyalty.

And so, the prospect’s experience/service right from the first call has to be as fine as possible.

Examples of ‘automation with MyOperator’

Personalization, automation and customization, most companies preach a solution which is a blend of these three elements.

Here are three of such companies which incorporated automation in their customer Call management system with MyOperator:


Order confirmation (especially in cases of huge amount) is very crucial for e-commerce. And, manual calling wasn’t proving very effective for Snapdeal. They implemented the MyOperator call center solution to automate their complete process of confirming orders through calls, along with personalization.

As the online order is placed, an automated call is done to the customer. The recorded voice addressing the customer’s name and order details, asks for their input [press 1 for yes, press 2 for no] to confirm the order. Further to this, after the customer has received the order, another automated call is placed to take their feedback.

Moreover, if the call isn’t received on the first attempt, the system automatically makes another call after some time ─ easy, isn’t it?


Which company wouldn’t want to reduce their employees’ manual work? Which company wouldn’t want to make their customer experience as smooth as possible? Surely everyone, and Giani was no different.

Giani wanted to build a database (of phone numbers) of its customers for its SMS marketing purpose. This would, however, require the cashier at the outlet to ask for the customer details everytime during the order placement, something which Giani didn’t want.

This is when they thought of automating it all. They started the scheme of providing discount code through SMS to all the customers who gave a missed call on the provided number (marketed all over). The list of numbers got collected and they used that database for their remarketing, after filtering them as per their buying behaviour.


The time and effort required in the hiring process is a wide-known fact in the business world. Especially when the screening process involves interviewing almost thousands of people.

foodpanda wanted to increase their number of delivery boys. However, while recruitment, they found the entire process very time consuming as they had to call each job applicant manually.

They automated their process with an Outbound IVR solution. A call was automatically generated to each applicant by deriving the number directly from the google sheet. The IVR had pre-set questions to be answered with Press 1 for yes or 2 for no. For any applicant who chose “no”, the call would get disconnected. Whereas, if they chose “yes”, they were asked to answer a few more questions to proceed with the hiring process.

This is how foodpanda filtered the suitable candidates from a pool of a thousand people saving the manual time and effort.

To sum it up, many companies are adopting automation with MyOperator an IVR service provider for their business customer call management, as per their requirements and suitability. It’s your turn to give automation a chance to upgrade and ease your customer call handling.

demo for automation in customer call management

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