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4 Ways SMEs are Scaling Up with MyOperator & LeadSquared Integration

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Some might think that a CRM and call management service is only appropriate for larger businesses but it’s about time we bust the infamous myth. 

Do you know there are business management tools specifically tailored to cater to small to mid-sized businesses? 

Let’s dig a little deeper.

What is a CRM and how does it help SMEs scale up? 

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is utilized to give quantifiable benefits including fostering revenue growth, assuring quality, and achieving operational efficiencies. They also offer tools for team collaboration, finance, branding, and client management. CRM is thus not just seen as a tool for marketing, but also as a workflow management system that companies can utilize to delight and grow consumers across all of their contacts.

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) found that businesses with considerable CRM engagement currently claim 20% better profitability than those without such an investment. 

How LeadSquared CRM with MyOperator Call Management Sync-up elevates sales and customer success? 

Leadsquared CRM’s goal is to offer a platform where users are the only thing being considered; there are no other interruptions. They give sales representatives a platform to quickly complete several sales. They seek to do away with pointless duties that could eat up a sales representative’s schedule. The sales representatives can interact with customers directly in this approach.

Now, a great call management system integrates a reliable and automatic call distribution system, dashboards for call reporting, and capabilities for call recording or tracking that may assist managers to keep their workforce productive at all times. It also aids in enhancing customer experience, lowering operational costs, and lowering customer churn.

Through a single web-based dashboard, managers may receive a complete picture of their workforce. To learn how they might improve, agents can also have access to the surface metric and root causes in detail. Managers can effectively monitor their staff in relation to a variety of essential factors and professional subjects that would be advantageous to all and assist in the achievement of corporate goals.

Both your inbound and outbound business calling actions are made simpler by the MyOperator business call management solution. You can receive a toll-free number, IVR services, a digital receptionist, call center software and cloud-based call center software many more to take care of your potential consumers and current clients all across. The best part? In its ten years of business, MyOperator has provided hassle-free and affordable call handling to countless SMEs.

4 Key advantages of Myoperator + leadsquared integration

Are you aware of the advantages that SMEs have over large organizations?

When it comes to participating in an efficient supply chain, SMEs do have certain important benefits over larger organizations. 

  • They are frequently more suited to collaborate since their flexibility allows for quicker learning, stronger dedication, and a more creative approach.
  • Since they have shorter communication channels, SMEs are better equipped to focus on their clients and respond to their needs quickly.

With MyOperator call management and LeadSquared CRM integration, both your incoming and outgoing sales and customer service activities can be made easier. By keeping your leads and associated business calling operations in one location, you can save your team effort and guarantee the greatest possible level of marketing.

Now let’s find out about the key advantages of MyOperator and Leadsquared integration for SMEs

1. Effective click-to-call action

You can dial numbers straight from Leadsquared CRM by using the MyOperator click-to-call feature. The MyOperator click-to-call solution allows employees in your company to effortlessly and quickly start consumer conversations.

Simply click the contact details on your online screen to make a call using this function; the call will be made instantly. Isn’t that great? Now, you need not get bothered by the process of entering or saving phone numbers, all you will have is a seamless communication process.

2.Live pop-up notification on-the-go

Receive live pop-up notifications on incoming calls at any place and time. This eliminates the hassle of missed calls from customers and allows you to simply answer calls that your screen prompts you to take. Thus, you can eliminate all interruptions from your sales teams’ workday and direct them toward the best way to proceed. With Leadsquared CRM you can automatically identify sales opportunities and alert the appropriate agent to start taking action.

3. Optimized lead generation approach

Since less time is wasted switching back and forth between Excel sheets and customer calling actions, the lead generation process is easier than before. Leadsquared CRM helps to maintain accurate profiles of current and potential clients over the duration of the engagement.

Moreover, for use in upcoming campaigns, this data can be archived, analyzed, as well as segregated.

4. Monitor your sales and team performance in perfect sync

With real-time call monitoring and reporting, MyOperator call management and LeadSquared CRM integration ensure caller efficiency. Your team would benefit by saving time and maximizing sales success.

Also, in the online dashboard section, you can discover which members of your team perform the best and how responsible they are in responding to the calls.

Sounds like a plan? 

Schedule a free demo to understand how the integration can help you grow. 

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